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  1. Anachronist, I'm flying a Sabre2 135 loaded at approximately 1.35-1.4. My openings have been generally good, and I know the canopy well. I am considering upsizing to a lpv Pilot7 150, but for now, this works okay. Even when I upsize, it'll still be the same container. mccordia, that's actually great to hear. I'll continue working on technique and spend a few flights doing nothing but flares+practice touches. lyosha, I initially got this container as an all-around container, but pretty much stopped non-ws flying.
  2. Hey all. I've been wingsuiting for about a year with my main rig, a UPT Micron V308 with a freefly handle. Since it's more stubby than non-micron Vectors, I find it kind of difficult to reach the handle at pull time. (The bottom of container rests about right near the bottom of my ribs). I recently tried jumping a larger suit, and the problem felt worse as I had to fight fabric and get it out of the way. Has anyone wingsuited with a micron? Is it a lost cause, or can my technique be improved?