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  1. Or it can be a nice distraction from your day-to-day distractions..
  2. Yes and no. If you are (for instance) a competitive swooper who is capable of this WL 1.8 at 850 jumps, you can ask for (and probably get) an exemption to the rules. The other example, if you make your 1000th jump and suddently want to go and jump something that would be unhelathy for you, the instructor is free to tell you you are not jumping. Of course, you could just grab your gear and try somewhere else, but I'm guessing that the kind of person who does this kind of stuff is on the radar way before the 1000th jump - and the Dutch Chief Instructors do communicate. That's one of the advantages of being a country with a small number of DZs. Will not happen ;)
  3. DvK


    Yea it must be terrible to have some line twists under a reserve, maybe it's even gradually turning until you get the twist out. I too rather go in at line-stretch, but no twists
  4. Can people please stop using this way of logic? In this case he made a decision, and got away with it. Probably he made a good decision for his situation, but people also make very, very bad decisions and walk away from it. As I'm sure you know, luck is a factor in this sport, people can do really dumb shit and walk away because they were lucky I also wonder if PeteW knows how easily it is to stall your canopy on your rears, I hope he does :)
  5. Having riser covers not open completely might look like just a inconvenient problem, but it's much, much more than that. The industry have put an insane amount of effort in developing riser covers that stay closed when needed, and open/release when needed. A delayed release of riser covers can cause incredibly hard openings, to the point of injury/death, although very rare, not pleasant. I've always found this video of John LeBlanc on hard openings very educative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVAoiLl2B6M Also: You describing the harness being on the back of your head could indicate that your leg straps were too loose.
  6. Sounds a lot more as if you're the 100 jump wonder here, instead of the people that try to give you some advice I've had similar experiences... Brainfart, flew the wrong pattern, mirrored from what I intended. Guess what I did..? Once I realized what I was doing I aborted.
  7. Your arguments can go both ways , really... Full face gives more protection in some respects, makes freefall much more quiet and calm, allowing for more mental focus on the jump, enables you to show facial expression to someone else, without the wind in your face etc... I agree on the mirror visors though, it's like jumping with a robot ^^ "
  8. Every jumped a Sabre 2? Yes and in a couple of different sizes. A Sabre2 should not require any input to open. If yours does, get it checked out, linetrimm measured... I'm not talking about endcell closure here. That is pretty much normal on any canopy with a low WL. The only canopy I know of that requires some amount of rear riser input to open somewhat normal is a Skylark Scirocco. Opens fine, but slider is somewhat hesitant to come fully down. Not just with me, was more obvious with people who loaded it lightly. If a Sabre2 doesn't open naturally most of the times, and by most of the times I mean almost every time, either you need to learn how to pack it, or you need to fix it. As I said, you have a problem with it. Same as I wrote aboven, and I can assure you it wasn't packjobs. Also, sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't have any problems with it
  9. Risers are actually surprisingly easy to cut under tension, and you have only four of them. I think there´s a video of a few dudes testing plastic hook knifes on reserve risers under tension, let me see if I can dig it up.
  10. If I see something that is attached to me (pilot, bag, reserve pilot whatever) leave the A/C, I will gtfo. If I see something that is attached to someone else flap around in the door I'll kick him/her out of the A/C. ... But getting out doesn't equal getting clear of the plane, becoming a part of the aircraft exterior is still a very real scenario. And when that happens, chances on causing structural damage are very real and increasing every second a jumper and his canopy are trailing with the plane... ps: perhaps I should be have been even more clear: jumper outside aircraft, prematured canopy outside aircraft and entangled with airframe
  11. And even then I'd try to compensate for it, unless it's fucking hopeless, thén I'd try to find the right line to cut... The only real scenario that makes me carry hook knives is a premature reserve deployment in the door Identify if it's the reserve, if it is, I'm cutting the risers. Good luck with that. I hope you've already practised hacking thru a piece of webbing on the ground. And doing it all in .00010 seconds if your reserve has already gone out the door. I should have been more clear, I meant the scenario of having a reserve premature, resulting in an entanglement with equipment and aircraft (canopy over stabilizer)
  12. And even then I'd try to compensate for it, unless it's fucking hopeless, thén I'd try to find the right line to cut... The only real scenario that makes me carry hook knives is a premature reserve deployment in the door Identify if it's the reserve, if it is, I'm cutting the risers.
  13. I completely disagree on the flying head down part. No need to be able to fly HD to be good at angle... I'm pretty comfy flying angles belly or back, steep and fast, and have been for a while. Only recently started flying static HD and still learning.