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  1. http://media.giphy.com/media/GjYjLvGErsggg/giphy.gif
  2. DvK

    Exit Order Safety

    Nice post. Maybe it's important to note that for the horizontal groups the safe zone is parallel to jumprun, instead of perpendicular like the vertical jumpers?
  3. DvK

    Leaning forward in the harness

    I have no idea what I'm talking about, this is 100% intuitive, but I think it has something to do with shifting your center of mass (and thereby shifting the center of mass of the entire system, canopy,harness,jumper). And obviously because it looks badass
  4. DvK

    Skydiving Video Games

    "Just Cause 2" has a B.A.S.E. in it
  5. DvK

    Replying to an ad

    Same for me and at least one other person. Something in the classifieds section is bugged :(
  6. DvK

    Blind tandem

    Not a instructor here, but maybe take som extra time with her. If she has really poor vission, maybe let her feel the airplane, the door, the rig, some parachute fabric etc? Good luck
  7. DvK

    Hi! FNG here...

    Welcome, congratiolations on doing your AFF. I just finished my AFF, so a real beginner here: Don't worry about evrything being new to you and doing things wrong. Don't worry about the experience of your jumpmasters. Concentrate on having fun, just let it all happen... Concentrate on not worrying and having fun