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  1. I have a Icon I5 . PD 160 reserve . Hade had a Pulse 190. Packed just fine . Jumping a Crossfire 169 now fits just fine . Think I can down size to a Cross fire 3, 150( When it comes out ) without problems
  2. You can now stay at the desert DZ, They are asking that you send them a mail first to check
  3. And you stay in your rig with another rubber band


    Well the canopy is on its way to my rigger . I will let him have look and give his remarks as to what to do


    A liile update ,Sticky ripstop does NOT work on ZP canopys . Its all gone. Patching next
  6. You can be a skydiver in a week these days. Without the sweat and tears of yesteryears . Easy come easy go.
  7. Now I know why i retured to skydiving. Good vibs. SST. Lopo. Strato Flyer . Rock on .Bit differnt now.
  8. Jumped last year with a group that just used shaky shaky then nothing, (that could see or follow)then exit. I realy hated it as well. I was always late on the exit. Waiting for the count /movement that never came . Realy screwed my head up. This is what we used to do and I think works best of all (we do this) last grips are IC - eye contact with OC (OC has the count, already checked with Camera) OC lays left leg way out in the wind - pause/calm ready (out) set (in) GO!
  9. Depends a bit on the age of the pulse . Has it still the old brake line set up or the new ? The new gives a better flare
  10. Could always buy a new one .Hopefully without problems then resell the old one after its been serviced. At a loss of ..... bucks . Back in the old days we would hardly get in the planr when some one had a AAD. To jump with them just was.nt on .
  11. For somthing we can do ourselfs as a first step how about removing carpets from the packing area and replace it with something that does,nt cause static or find a way to ground out the carpets/packing mats. I will not be packinging on carpets.
  12. Has the manufacturer given their reasons for going this route ? Should have increased too 1000 ft and left it at that. Every one on the same page.Simple and everyone reasonable happy
  13. Thanks everyone .Have to learn precision pack.