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  1. Hi Wendy, 35-40 years ago I guess I was that guy,How cool I thought I was. B4 with a irvin sky ranger and a 24 cheapo with a 4 line release.Girls or not I owend the world.I know better now.
  2. Well I for one would give my left nut to Be That Guy again. Been there done that
  3. Well NZ say they are working on it. Take a look at their home page
  4. Lineset


    When someone asks for ripstop I know they want the sticky stuff. I rounded off all the corners to stop the edges lifting off .Used a lot of ripstop back in the 70-80,s , mainly on burn holes . Most jumpers had a roll in their bags .So when I started asking for some ripstop boy did I get some blank looks
  5. Lineset


    Yes I ment the ripstop tape wth glue. Used it on both sdes. Glued fine and stayed on .Needed a fix straight away to keep on jumping.Will patch as soon as possable.
  6. Lineset


    Can you use ripstop on ZP? Very small tear/hole
  7. Sorry to say but its a lost cause.You can try and inform all you want but you will only be seenas a old fart. History is history they are not intrested.I have two sons who jump so I know how hard it is to get the "history" across .The AFF mills are pumping out 100,s of new jumpers every year all over the world . 10 jumps and you are a skydiver .
  8. World road trip for me ,, Small dropzones ,Meet new people, Chill at cool DZ.s Numbers not a issue.
  9. My New line set works well. But wth a pulse its a lot to do with how you flare
  10. Ok we have all these rights but the manafactue can not /does not think it nessary to honor these rights ,What then ? Right back where we started . The world is a better place with Cypess than without .Think about it
  11. If everyone handed in their AAD,s for a check what do you think the turn around time would be would be?If you live in a country where you have to have a AAD i bet you could right off 2013 season. I will be doing the check before every jump. What else can we do apart from staying on the ground