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    An amazing birthday jump! My Jumpmaster, Ben, was just the best! Professional, knowledgeable and safety conscious, and also warm and friendly. Be sure to ask for him! This was my second jump, first one a few years ago. Their high standards for safety, and awesome customer service obviously continues over the years. I give them 10 stars out of 5...
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    October 20th of 2020 was a very important milestone and birthday for a dear family friend of mine, who has wished for his 70th birthday to go skydive and as of yesterday, thanks to the incredible people here at Skydive Spaceland, not only did his wish come true - I achieved a dream that I had long forgotten about. The years are what you make of them, as the saying goes but especially in a hard year it can be easy to forget that celebrations are out there, good experencies and genuine people are out there that are energetic and want to share life with you too. The positivity here blows my mind still and I've waited since the jump to make sure I can review without this being an adrenaline-rushed review. Having said that, I'm still greatly impacted by the amount of professionalism, the absolute joy that came from everyone there and also - how everyone who was there yesterday was treated individually and was able to ask and share candidly so that however their own wishes and dreams for skydiving came about, that their needs were met in style. I cannot praise this place enough and the people who help not only educate past the general information, but really leave encouragement and an impact on you. Turning moments like these into a bliss that is indescribable. I realize this isn't listing specifics but everyone followed health codes for this year and were an absolute joy to be around. I left there feeling empowered for my personal experience and cannot wait to be in the air again. I'm certain my friend wants this to be a tradition and if anyone is reading this, is nervous or experienced, whatever your reasons are I really hope you will consider going here if you wish to skydive. Their ability to educate as well as encourage everyone was - well - still is really - quite inspiring! Two individuals who were so nervous beforehand came up to my friend and I afterwards and there was just this simply but pure joy and confidence radiating from them especially. I apologize for a long review but experiences that are worth your while, and the people who make them incredible, I feel it is important to share those experiences. Especially on the off chance someone is considering skydiving and found this location and page. I recommend Skydive Spaceland Dallas not only for location and experience and what you walk away with but I recommend them if you also want to meet some incredible people on your own adventure and journey.
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    I choose Skydive Monterey for my very first Skydiving experience and, I’m glad I did. The crew members are amazing, very supportive and friendly that’s makes the whole experience a joy ride. Special thanks to Jonny for helping me all along and most importantly bringing me back to ground in one piece. You’re incredible! I would choose to jump with you any day.
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    Well, this dropzone really exceeded my expectations. Good prices. Friendly competent English-speaking staff, and more than one plane. The wind tunnel on site is a big plus, especially at night or in case of bad weather when there is no jumping, yet it's relatively small in size. They have different levels of accommodation available. Nice cafeteria, although with limited options and only few of the waiters speaks English but it's okay. The only downside maybe its far location from Moscow (around 4 hours by car).
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    No doubts. DZK is just another universe. For anyone contemplating where to go for the season, this dropzone is the best. And it is famous not only for it's awesome aircrafts and windtunnel right at the DZ...The DZK staff is incredibly experienced, helpfull and super nice people. If you wanna be the best, learn from the best ones.
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    Wow amazing place, I like the drapzone and people are so cooperated & Helpfull,I will come back soon
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    Staff and Instructor are very knowledgeable and friendly. Loved the overall experience and the location for the dive is very scenic. The plane is a bit small but it's not a major hassle as you spend like 10 mins or less in the plane. You get to see the monterey bay during your dive. My instructor Eli was pretty cool and experienced. The jump and landing was very smooth and I didn't experienced any pain. A big thanks to Eli for creating this great first experience of skydiving
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    This was my first jump, my son’s second and we did 18,000 feet tandem. I was with Brent and did not have even a single apprehension. In fact, I felt zen and relaxed throughout the entire jump. From the front desk staff, to the pilot, to Cameron our videographer (loved him), to my instructor Brent it was one of the best experiences of my life. Wish I lived here I’d learn to do it solo! Only bad thing about doing it here my first time is I’m afraid nothing will ever measure up! Thank you so much, Skydive Monterey Bay!
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    Skydive Monterey Bay is the BEST tandem and solo skydiving company I have ever jumped with. My two jumps were the best experiences ever with this same company and the only I would ever consider. Eli and Raff are the best skydive masters to tandem with. Customer service is top of the line and the process from beginning to end was smooth. Thank you so much for the best experience ever.
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    When I first came to Skydive Nyköping I was surprised of how open everyone was. This was the first skydiving club I ever visited and I couldn't be more happy I went here. One day with these guys doing a tandem and that made me wanna be a skydiver and a part of the club. They have a great little cessna 207 turbine for fast lifts to 4000m with a massive landing area. Usually a bit sidewindy but ok! / skydiverslog.com
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    The best part is the team, they will make you feel very comfortable will train you well and will make this a memorable experience. I really liked the 18000 jump, the video editing is amazing. Would Like to personally extend my thanks to "Mikhail", he is the BEST. Thank you again for making it a wonderful experience.
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    Did my static line course here. The instruction is absolutely fantastic, very student-oriented. They make sure their students become good and safe skydivers. Unfortunately the student program is closing down due to lack of landing area, but it was great while it lasted. Awesome friendly atmosphere, people will jump with you regardless of how much you suck at RW, and will help you out with whatever skills you need. Lots of fun is to be had here, high pulls, tracking dives, CReW, whatever you want (minus wingsuits). Caravan full? no problem, there's almost always space on the fun-82 which will go up with as little as 2 people. Rental gear is brand-spanking-new, and seems that they like to keep it that way. Staff is always super helpful. This is the one and only DZ I can call home. Can't wait to get my C and be back for more.
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    Ok so the first time I rocked up I was greeted by a girl on reception who was to be honest fairly nice. I was happy until the owner walked it and somehow all the morale in the room (including the staffs) was immediately sucked out, this set the tone for pretty much every visit since. The owner is probably the most arrogant, rude, and miserable person I've ever met. I really cannot see why anyone would return, especially as the prices are so stupidly high...... I think people only return because some of the staff there do just enough to sometimes make up for the managements incompetence and complete lack of customer service. Honestly if the owner had talked to me like I over heard her with others she'd have had a shot across the bows immediately, and unfortunately this attitude seems to have caught on with a couple of her staff. The cafe is crazy overpriced and to be honest an embarrassment, it also seeing pretty much zero customer service and effort. The aircraft aren't anything special, but honestly aren't bad either, no real variation but hey they work so can't complain too much. The manifest system is different, writing your name in pen on a board and then waiting to be added to a computer system (not too bad for me, but surely it would be easier to just check in at a manifest window?). The system that displays the manifest is only up in the cafe, and has no indication as to when your lift will be, you sort of just sit around checking the screen every 5 mins until you're on call. A few times I've overheard a member of staff (don't recall his name) briefing up jumpers like they were kids, not professional and if he'd done the same with me he'd have soon regretted it, but not my business and rather than cause waves, I bit my tongue on that one. Judging by the looks he got, a few people won't be jumping there again. The opening hours are stated but in my experience they are often late I could go on and on as I've seen some really terrible attitudes and bad service flying around there but I best just sum it up....... Expensive for what it is (much cheaper and better places available), customer service the worst I've seen (besides a few staff - sorry to you guys about this), Owner is obnoxious and arrogant (lowers the mood of the entire place), overpriced dz, overpriced cafe, no morale and flat atmosphere, not punctual and late to open On the plus side though, the wings bar next door is really good, cheap, nice ale, and run with a friendly service
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    I arrived during Voss Freefly Festival. What a pity !! (I could just stay a few days there during a trip - not the entire week as freeflyers do) There were no 1-day-fee to allow people like me to jump during this time. So... either pay a 150 $ fee for maybe 5 or 6 jumps... ...or don't. I didn't ! People from the staff didn't look so interested in welcoming me or other people for a few jumps as they were in money. Too sad. But the place is really scenic!
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    Hi, We have just had our first mayor experience with the headcorn skydiving club. We chose the static line parachute course. We are both very disappointed with how this place is run. We are very easy going people and we don't need 5 star service, just a fair and decent service. So where shall we begin..... Firstly, arranging the training, booking, etc. took our money without any problems. When we tried to call to ask some questions, we got a moody lady, who was quite rude, abrupt, obnoxious and a bit patronising. It turns out this was Jane Hopkins the MD. (We've never jumped out of a plane before Jane, and spending over £500 for us to both do it, obviously we had a few simple questions. Rudeness was not needed!!) We did our training, which we felt was very good. The next day went to do the jump. First names on the board. Arrived at 08:30 when they said to arrive. Waited til 09:30 before anyone even showed up!! Then waited all day, only to be told weather conditions where to bad to jump that day. Fair enough, british weather hey. So we went back 2 weeks later, 1h30mins drive each way, 4 kids on board with us, my mum so that the kids could be watched while we went up and picnic food for all of us because the cafe there is completely overpriced, small meals, food isn't even decent. Just a rip off. Made it even worse that the 2 ladies behind the counter where just moody and had no customer services!!! So we finally arrived at 10:00am. Got told we were late so would have to wait for our revision training and that could be anytime in the day!!! Fair enough. Ended up waiting til around 4pm before we jumped. Funny that we couldn't do our revision training, which took all of 10 minutes, even though loads of staff where sat around chatting and doing loads of jumps thereselves!!! Staff never came over to let us know what was going on. We had to find them to ask what was going on. When we did, we felt like they were just annoyed by our questions and recieved obnoxious, patronising answers!!! The vibe seems to be carried on from the top leaders of the centre down. Jane hopkins is not a very happy person. Didn't seem happy to help. No customer services at all!! Other staff seem to adapt the same abrupt attitude when she was around as well!! We felt that this creates and continues to create a dull vibe at the centre. We kept feeling like we where just an annoyance to the main staff. The tannoy system that they use to let customers know what is going on, is very quiet and doesn't cover the whole of the skydiving areas. How are you meant to know what is going on if you can't hear it. Finally the most positive things about this place are just a few of the instructors and some of the other skydivers who where there or on our course!! The four instructor that really played a positive part in our experience at headcorn where Del (good sense of humour, good bloke), Simon (new instructor, very good guy), Yanis (had a lot of good chats with him) and Peter (saw us out the plane and made us feel safe beforehand). It's a shame that this place is run like this. It has some good potential, nice location, interesting history, but the way it is run, the prices, the attitude of the higher staff, the organisation and the moody vibe REALLY lets this place down. No need to keep people waiting this long or treating like this. A bit of politeness and patience would go a very long way at this place!!! Finally, have to say that Del's jokes gave us a few good laughs.
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    I recently moved to Windhoek for work and was in need of a new home DZ. After looking on dropzone I drove to the skydive club at the main airport and then to ground rush which is located in town but the "airport" is about 15min out into the middle of BFE. SO, Ground Rush, great place to be a funjumper, I got 9 jumps in over two days, even though I'm still just a license I had no problem finding people to jump with, the DZO is involved in his DZ, knowlegible and a GREAT guy too! They have a U206 with a IO550, nice clean aircraft, since they are out in the desert there is ZERO land or air traffic to worry about, the only thing out there you could hit is the actual DZ building! Later on in the day they had quite a few tandems show up and rather then bump the fun jumpers off the loads they called in another 206 to fly over and to keep us in the air! Very happy to say I found my new home DZ!
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    So we all head off in 3 cars to watch my Daughter do a tandem skydive for Help 4 Heroes. Arriving after my Daughter had been for her briefing , everyone waited in the overpriced canteen, the girls behind the counter need some customer service skills and they really need to reduce the prices. 7 hours & well over £100 ( spent in canteen on food for the children & drinks, 9 of us made the journey but only the children ate)we finally got to see the event. At no point did anyone give any information without us going to look for them. The tv boards could & should give better information & to be honest we were all ( including my Daughter) a little deflated by the time it all happened. I can honestly say that I would not recommend this venue, the management & canteen staff need to shape up & recognise that people who are doing this for charity have choices & will choose to go elsewhere. Having said that I would recommend the instructors who were marvellous & recognised how special it was for those taking part.
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    Wonderful place to jump! Staff is awesome and friendly as ever! This is where I did my first AFF and Tandem here and every time I go back, each jump got progressively more awesome!
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    SHOCKING! RUBBISH!!Booked this in for the 6th August 2012, Waited ALL day, don't even try say first come first serve as I was the first person in your office, From my judgement the people whom purchase the £150 DVD got first priority! 4pm came and still waiting like a div. NO ONE came and spoke to us so me and the others waiting like lemons had to approach a member of staff and ask what was happening. Was told the weather was to bad to jump.Fair point as safety is paramount. So after spending a whole day with the family which included 2 kids under 5 spending money in the well over priced cafe I got the option to re book at the next available date. 24th November, Weather was bad so I called the centre at 08:00 no answer, Ok I'll wait till after 09:00 again no answer! left 3 messages for Jane the director/manager to call back. No response. Calling all this week and called numerous times today, yep you guessed it, No answer! Emailed, No answer. OK, these must be closed down? Called the Headcorn Areodrome who confirmed that they was in and that they are alive. So obviously ignoring my calls. Called Virgin who again tried to call them whilst I was on hold and yep, they to got no answer. Looks like once they have redeemed your voucher for £325.00 they don't give a.... Please don't waste your time and money on these lot. Not the first bad review either by the looks of things. Don't go down the same route guys. Stay well away!!!
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    I did my first jump here (tandem) and it was a fantastic experience. The crew is experienced and laid back and I felt safe and confident at all times. The view of the Namib desert, the Skeleton Coast and Swakopmund town was breathtaking, which was good since the plane took 15-20 minutes to get us to 9000 feet. The crew was very supportive of our group of newbies and everyone had a great time. After the jumps we watched the videos in the Anampuri lodge bar and knocked back a few drinks with the instructors and camera guys.
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    This dropzone has two operational areas. The Chame airport DZ is about 25 mins from the Nitro City DZ. Most of the tandems and the student training happens at Chame from the 206. The VIP tandems and beach jumps happen at Nitro City. Facilities at Chame are adequate. Covered packing, A/C, bathroom. Facilities at Nitro City are incredible! Land on the beach, pack indoors, drive to the airport, and do it again. Then get a massage, a beer, food, go ride a jet ski, or wakeboard, kitesurf, swim... Crash in Pastrana's room, and do it again tomorrow! The views are incredible. You can see both oceans on a clear day, lush greens, deep blues, lots of beach.
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    I have visited Cape Town on two occasions in the last two years. As a skydiver, I wanted to do a couple of jumps, as the views are supposedly iconic. However, it didn't happen, even after three trips to the DZ and numerous phone calls. Here's why ... This is a small, bush drop zone, with very basic facilities. It is essentially a mom 'n pop, one-horse DZ run on a shoestring budget to capture the passing tourist tandem trade. There is no club scene for fun jumpers. One of my visits was on a Saturday with near-perfect jumping conditions. On this day, twelve loads, all tandems, had gone up - with NO fun jumpers present! No prizes for guessing why. It baffles me that a city the size of Cape Town seemingly cannot sustain a skydiving scene, as South Africa has other, very busy, skydiving clubs. But there you are. If you are a visiting skydiver, you may get a jump, but if you do, it will be because the owner has decided to grant you a favor. You might have more luck if you turned up as a group of jumpers as that will make it financially more viable for the DZO. One more thing: wind blowing off the Atlantic Ocean frequently suspends operations - be warned.
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    I brought a tandem jump for us both as a special birthday present for my husband. After visiting the place once we were not able to jump because of the bad weather which was fair enough We were told we had 6 months to complete another one and that in the weekdays they are quiet so we would be able to phone up that day if the weather is nice to arrange to come down. All good so far. Unfortunately ,the day after my father in law was diagnosed with cancer and later on passed away. Not being a priority of ours we didn't think to re schedule our jump until 5 months after. When we phoned up to book our preferred date (about 2 weeks later) we were told that they were full up and we would have to pay another £100 to jump after our 6 months were up. I explain the situation to the manager, I asked her if she could be sympathetic to the situation and to imagine how someone might not prioritize arranging a sky jump just after there father had passed away, or even they would not even feel like doing a sky jump. She replied " I did a sky dive 2 days after my father passed away, as that would have been what he wanted, you have had 5 months to re schedule". I was so shocked and hurt by this reply I didn't know what to say! I also asked her about the misleading information that they are quiet in the weekdays and she said "yes we are in March". this was not the information we were given (she didn't care). She was very un polite in explaining all of this and at no point did she apologise or try to understand, they way she dealt with me was unbelievable. By reading the other reviews I don't know how the people here still have their jobs, they are losing customer and I would never go back or recommend as the MANAGER IS A DISGRACE AND EXTREMELY RUDE.
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    Staff was extremely friendly and very helpful throughout the entire process. This was my first jump and I had an awesome time and can't wait to go again. I had done my research of various jump sites and after much conversations, I settled on Start Skydiving in Middletown, OH. I will continue to jump here. Felt very safe.
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    Excellent place to jump during week. 18k with a very conservative opening altitude was 81 seconds. Their King Air is a rocket, 4 turns and you are on jump run! Attentive office staff, great vibe, friendly locals. Got a coach and he made me work in the air, exactly what I asked for. The turns are fast so if you have the means bring two rigs. Landing area is clear, safe, with plenty of bailouts albeit small. I'll go back. Tandems determine load altitude- just get over it. Very happy with the crew there.
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    Its a small skydiving club, non-commercial, driven by people who is jumping there. That the reason for very cheap prices. They charge only to make club go around and not to earn money. The club-house is right next to Molde Airport, which they use for jumping. On weekends there only 2-4 planes a day, that use it, so they have whole airport for them self. HUGE landing area (about 1.5 km long and 500m wide), impossible to miss. People are super friendly and nice, trying to do their utmost best to make you feel welcome and home from the minuet you get there. Most of them jump RW (FS), but you can find someone to join you for FF, wing-suit or tracking jump. You find people of all level of experience, so there will be always someone to join you. As well, if you pay a bit extra, they can fly you and drop off close to The TrollWall. SuperB experience! Just a must to try! After jumping, there is a good chance to take a beer or two, join people for diner and a night out at Molde to make your experience complete! As well, there is tons of places to BASE jump and many experienced people, who will help you. If you are somewhere close and want to have amazing jump, that the right place!
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    I love skydive mesquite! It's a little bit of a drive but SO worth it! I love my skydiving family =) Thanks for everything, Brad!
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    This is a really awful dropzone. I have been to a lot and it really is the worst. Some of the staff are okay, but others are very unfriendly. They absolutely love being officious as well - just to show you who's boss. One other bad aspect is the very long wait time. I commonly wait 2.5 or 3 hours for one jump. Very tedious. Might as well drive a little while longer and go to a decent DZ.
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    I did my first jump here ages ago and have been back and forth on occasion just to see if it got any better. In the 17 yrs I have known the place its just got worse as the staff get more and more ancient and grumpy every year. They have no idea of customer care and I guess they think they don't need any as they charge what they like and the one off tandems who don't know until its too late keep rolling up back and keep them in business. If another DZ opened in the South East this place would fold overnight. I tried to talk a friend out of doing a tandem here and he went ahead and jumped. What should have been one of his most exciting and memorable days of his life was ruined by obnoxious, rude and unsympathetic inefficient staff. Please don't give these guys your well earned money. There are so many better DZ's around where you will be welcomed. Its worth the extra travel. If you have a good time here and for some weird reason enjoy the non existent social scene then you are very very much the exception. This place should be avoided at all costs. Oh check out the safety record too. Enough said. STAY AWAY!
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    Having been fleeced for membership, jump tickets, gear check etc I had to repeatedly ask for a DZ briefing, this was a major effort and quite honestly pointless- unless of course you like to listen to an ego talk about himself. Having jumped at a number of UK DZs I was suprised to be treated so badly. Although the weather seemed fine they were not prepared to put the plane up until more customers arrived, they never did, now I can see why. I sat in the cafe drinking nice coffee, the one up side of a day at Headcorn. The staff seemed more interested in packing reserve parachutes than running the operation, maybe they are paid so bad that they need to supplement their income, I just wished they had of told me this before I spent my money. What a waste of a day, the bathrooms were under construction, the whole place needs a major face lift including some new staff, struck me as a bunch of old no hopers with no idea of customer service. My advice is to get in your car and drive North, avoid this place at all costs, I heard from a couple of jumpers in the cafe that the place has the nickname Deadcorn, it really is dead. I threw my jump tickets in the trash on the way out and wont ever be returning. The owners should take their heads outta their ass's and go see what other DZs offer..Goddamn what a dump.
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    Ground Rush Adventures operates no longer from Swakopmund airport, but from an airstrip in the desert, which is a few kilometres northeast of Swakopmund. The drive takes about 15 minutes from Swakopmund city centre, where the office is. The office is at the Amanpuri Travellers Lodge, which offers double rooms with bathroom and breakfast for 700 Namib Dollars (65 Euros). The Amanpuri rooms are nice, but remember that skydivers may be loud in the evening, so if you like it quiet a B&B in the city might be the smarter choice. The bar is open until late. At the dropzone you will find two small houses, one for manifest and the tandem instructions and one for packing. Cold drinks are provided for purchase, and two desert bathrooms for dumping the drinks later. It is all african style but well maintained and as clean as possible. Normally they operate a Cessna 206 which goes to 10000ft (3000m), but if a larger group is coming and let them know, a Caravan can be organized. Both aircraft were in a good shape and fitted for skydivers needs. The landing area is huge, you can land anywhere in the desert. The surface is dry, but mostly soft from the sand. Rigging service is provided at the office, and if the rigger is at the dropzone also there. There are not many local jumpers in Swakopmund, and most of them work at the dropzone. However, if they are not jumping tandem or camera they enjoy funjumping with visitors, whether it is RW, freefly or Birdman. And one thing must be mentioned here: These guys are the coolest bunch of skydivers I ever met! Even in Eloy it is hard to find people, which are in such a good mood and so open-minded towards visitors. Jumping and going out to town with them was pure fun. Overall, the dropzone has my absolute recommendation. Whenever you go to Namibia visit Swakopmund, and try to find some friends to join you to fill a Caravan.
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    Being a newbie I haven't much to compare other facilities. I may be biased but after reading the one negative comment here I cannot disagree more. This is a very nice facility and the people are great. I intend to complete my certification here. The instruction was superb, clear, concise and what i am use to having spent 26 years in the Marine Corps. Safety, safety, safety was stressed and applied in all phases of the training. The flight was quick, the jump well supervised and I felt safe during the entire experience. I would recommend Skydive Alabama as "The" place to learn to skydive in Alabama!
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    What a dump, if your not a tandem student don't bother and even they get treated like crap. Prepare to be barked at by the management even when you want to give them your money. The most depressing jump zone in the country, the staff thinks it great but they all seem to be old has beens. Can't get a packing lesson for love nor money unless you pay 30 quid. The facilities are awful, the canteen food is pure rubbish. There is no club atmosphere at all, most jumpers are complaining about the cost the wait and the lack of courtesy from the staff especially the management. Follow everyone else and jump at other uk dropzones where your custom is appreciated. what a dump.
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    Headcorn charges the highest prices in the UK for one of the lowest altitudes but still wont put the plane up unless it is completely full. Some staff are friendly but that's the exception, most are rude and unapproachable. There are very few jumpers going there now leaving the place almost entirely tandems. The Caravan jump plane is very squashed and expect to get shouted at by the tandem masters everytime. Although they are usually in the wrong spot causing the problems with fun jumpers being able to get to their seat belts. Expect to often wait 3 hours for a lift and only get a 5 min call. So don't go anywhere. On the positive side reasonable sized packing area, car park, and canteen. The canteen in over prized and the worst tasting food and drink I have come across on a dropzone. Staff there are robotic bit like a call-centre. The dz is very close to a train station making it easy to get to. Conclusion - Go elsewhere if you can. If you go expect rudeness and long waits with little indication of when you will jump.
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    Having read some of the reviews I have to agree with the majority of the jumpers.Headcorn is World famous for being crap.It had a bad name in the 80s and nothing has changed even some of the staff.Basically you kiss arse there you will do well oh and pay out good money to do so..Please get in your car and go north as clubs there are so so much better.The south east needs another DZ Good luck Jumpers...
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    Just stopped by on a short trip to CA on business. Super friendly people, super fast plane, great scenery and easy access. Facilities do need an upgrade. though. A positive experience, and I'd recommend it to anyone!
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    The tandem masters and instructors are highly experienced, but very friendly and forthcoming. Professionalism shows and a great atmosphere exists. It is definitely a good place to visit for a FJC, Tandem Jump or loads of fun jumps.
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    I did a jump here and was treated like a regular. This dz has an awesome vibe, the people are very nice and despite their reputation of being a tandem factory, they catered to us fun jumpers without any problems. The king air 200 series they have is the fastest plane Ive ever been on, and the heater inside the plane isnt too bad either! Landing area is a bit far from the packing area but there were plenty of vans to come pick us up. The view is gorgeous too. I cant think of anything bad about this dropzone, if I lived closer Id make it my home dz. I highly recommend this place.
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    No tandem factory. Tandems are done from Cessna's while the Navajo(the main plane) is used for regulars. Great Skydiving Vibe overall. Great packers, Great instructors, Great people and a nice plane. All this makes Victo a very friendly place to skydive. Bonfire is freaking amazing and they have this weird habit to fill your beer glass every time is empty. Sometimes the fire is so strong that you have to take few steps back to be in the safety range. Cute girls everywhere (whohoooo) but they all have BF (Booooooo). I know, this should be a cons but since nobody farted in the plane I let this one slide!!
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    I went to this DZ for my first two tandems. Both times the instructors were very helpful and fun, and the jumps were amazing...but both times the wait was excrusiatingly long. They take reservations for tandems starting at 9am..but if the fog doesn't burn off then the entire day is delayed. For my second tandem I went and waited 8 hours and still didn't get to jump and had to come back another day and wait another 6 hours to jump. The girl at the front desk is often rude and misleading on wait times just so she can get your money and then you're locked in. I have never jumped there as a solo jump and I am interested to try it, but for a tandem be prepared for a very long wait to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
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    It's my home DZ and most modern DZ in Ukraine! Situation for July 2006: 1 jump ticket to 4200 m(14.000 ft) - 95 UAH (around 19$). Exange rate - 100$=500 UAH. Block and group discounts, for example - 100 jump'a ticket will cost 8360 grn.=1650$ (maximim discount is 12%, valid for 6 months)
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    This guys rooocks!!! Everyone on "skydive el sol" staff is easy going, professional and the most important, they makes you feel so much confidence and relaxed. Breathe and smile!!! for the camera guy who appears and disapears every second of your free falling!...Everyone most come and skydive in cabo! Now I´m taking the skydiving course in the most easy, safety and professional way(Can´t wait for my solo!) Big thanks to Jonnathan, Greg & Karen(my instructors and flying guardian angels), Sam, Erick and all of the rest of the "skydive el sol" staff in Cabo. PS. when i´d arrive to cabo, i was amaze. When i´d skydive in cabo, my life just change.
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    The Medano beach is close to the Marina and you can easily see The famous Arch from there. Also although there are plenty of boats, the end of the beach, where the landing zone is, is pretty uncrowned and safe. You can use the boats as tetrahedrons, because they do tell wind directon very accurately. There are no Palm trees or beach tents or cables in your way, and you can easily spot the landing zone from above, since often the exit is over the ocean. However, the spot is normally good and there are some outs. Flotation gear is required for Tandem jumpers and low time divers. There are plenty of jet skies that can pick anybody doing a water landing. You must fill out a waiver and have a log book, and a license. The reserve must be in date. Credit cards or checks are not accepted. There is usually a packer, but you can pack for yourself too. Packing area is behind the Tabasco bar, over a mat but with no roof. The trip to the airport takes about 15 minutes from the beach.This tends to be a fairly low key DZ, with several social activities for your friends and family to do if they don’t skydive. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops in Cabo.
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    A friend and I made a visit to this club when I was still busy to complete my freefall progression. The CI had no problem allowing us to jump. We had to wait a while for the pilot to arrive which almost turned a sunny day into an, overcast no jump day. Fortunately when the pilot arrived everything went smooth and efficient and we got into the air before it became too overcast. The crowds over the ocean on the one side and the mountains on the other side made for spectacular scenery. The club equipment I used was in good condition and all the facilities were clean and sufficient. While waiting for the loads to happen we sat in the hanger and engaged in some conversation with some of the locals. They seem like a friendly enough bunch. It was a good experience that I will repeat as often as opportunity allows.
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