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  1. Direct flight from JFK to PRG can be had at a great price. Family Owned/Operated. Kindergarten on DZ for those that travel with children. Aircraft are incredibly maintained...best SkyVans I have ever seen (4 of them) and 2 182RGs. Pilots are very professional and highly experienced. Landing area is adjacent to large grass landing strip. State-of-the-art Swoop Pond. Multiple rooms for rental, plenty of tent space. As well as rooms for rent at hangar. All with WiFi. Manifestors speak English and German, English and Czech, or Czech and German so language is not an issue. Great restaurants (very affordable) on the airport or in town, and lodging off the airport is inexpensive (E30.00/night). Prague only an hour + away, Vienna about a 3hr drive. Did I mention they have a Pink Skyvan?
  2. Based on studies I cannot quote (G. Windmiller did the research) the maximum force dissipation comes with pea-gravel depths of 18". Deeper gravel does not increase benefit. That being said, 12" of depth is good for most of the pit. 18" is beneficial for Zones 5-7 where the bigger vertical impacts take place. Ensure that the end of the pit is a gradual slope as most people that hit there have considerable fwd speed. No gravel is needed in neutral zone (currently water's edge + 6meters). Use pea-gravel as opposed to crushed rock. For zone markers the best one I have seen is in Klatovy which uses a combination of bungee and break-away zone markers.
  3. I liked Loud Larry. I just dont see (hear) enough of him.
  4. Raeford is in the process of making pond improvements for the purpose of attracting Nationals.
  5. Last I heard they have gotten even more expensive. There are solutions that are cheaper (the ones Wusi has at Klatovy) and some company in China that will make anything out of rubber of you give the dimensions.
  6. Shag, you can pre-register Thursday evening at RPC. Otherwise Friday am (0800) registration, safety briefing, and coach introductions. We plan on going until 1800 Friday and Saturday and 1700 on Sunday.
  7. Deisel, the event will be open to all pilots looking for coaching. Not all particpants will run gates (coach/event director discretion). Pilots preparing for Nationals or looking for competition experience will recieve coaching on speed, distance and zone accuracy. Other pilots will be coached on landing pattern, set-up, rotation etc. This is not an "essential skills" course, but geared for pilots who are already performing "speed generating" turns for landing. Those who only do 90s are certainly welcome.