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  1. FLCPA #1 21-22 February @ZHills, FL FLCPA #2 14-15 March @ZHills, FL Danish Nationals Open, NJFK Denmark 23. - of May FLCPA #3 23-24 May @Raeford, NC ABCPC Meet #1 June 6-7 Skydive Eden North Edmonton Alberta FLCPA #4 12-13 June @Raeford, NC USPA Nationals 15-18 June @Raeford, NC(not positive on exact days) European Cup 12-14th June @ Dunkeswell, Devon UK NECPL #1 July 11-12 Skydive Cross Keys Williamstown, NJ ABCPC Meet # 2 July 18-19 Edmonton Skydive, Westlock Alberta UK Nationals & Open 24-26 July @ Dunkeswell, Devon, UK Canadian CP Nationals July 27-August 3 Edmonton Skydive NECPL #2 Aug 8-9 Skydive Cross Keys Williamstown, NJ Pink Open 13-16 August @ Klatovy CZ ABCPC Meet # 3 August 15-16 Skydive Eden North 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting 23 - 29 Aug @ Farnham, Canada NECPL #3 Sep 5-6 Skydive Cross Keys Williamstown, NJ ABCPC Meet # 4 Sept 12-13 Edmonton Skydive NECPL #4 Oct 3-4 Skydive Cross Keys Williamstown, NJ
  2. I saw him wearing the same kind of setup at the World Cup in Lake Wales in 2005 I think it was. He wasn't able to run out the landing and all the weight knocked the wind out of him. I guess it's a good thing that there are now limits in place for additonal weight worn.
  3. My goal is to work down to the smaller canopies wearing the extra weight (35lbs not 40lbs as I stated in the initial post). More weight for speed and distance for obvious reasons (I hope) and less for zone acc. I jumped my 84 Velo and worked up to this amount until I was comfortable and moved to a 90 Comp Velo working up to the same amount. I know have an 84 comp velo and the plan is to work up to that amount again. I have tumbled, slid and ran using this amount of lead, I didn't just one day decide to throw on all this lead and start swooping. I feel my progression has been quite calculated and thought through.
  4. The weight belt I have found does have a cutaway system build in, thanks for the concern.
  5. Thanks for the offer but I got a line on one that should do the trick.
  6. Yes I am talking about swooping, I'm 147 without all my gear and only have a couple hundred jumps on comp velos. Not willing to put myself under anything smaller than an 84 just yet. Could you possibly give me Scott's contact info Ian?
  7. I'm a little on the light side, only 162lbs out the door. I've weighed this much since I was 16 and it doesn't look like my metabolism is going to slow down any time soon. To obtain a good wing loading I currently wear a 24lb and a 10lb belt stacked one above the other. This isn't very comfortable but it works. Does anyone know where I could get a comfortable belt that will hold up to 40lbs?
  8. Try this link. It was designed for wingsuiting but may be able to crossover for what you are looking for.
  9. My DZ is building us a pond this fall for next season! Does anyone know where to purchase the course markers for the water gates? I'm liking the ones that Z-Hills is putting in their new pond. And also I've seen a zone accuraccy course layout that velcros together and would like to know where to get one. Any suggestions?
  10. I'm 170lbs out the door, Im currently loading up with 24lbs of lead under a Velo comp 90 putting me at around 2.15. I'm allowed to wear 34lbs (2.26) in competition but I'm wondering if this makes sense to obtain a greater wing loading or if I should be jumping an 84 loaded up. I was under the impression that a larger wing with a decent wing loading would fly further. I guess my question is what size canopy would best suit the all around distance, and speed events for a person of my size?
  11. KICKASS!!!! My DZO attended the Canadian Nationals last week where they held the first canopy piloting event in Canada. Distance was the only event as it was new and there werent enough judges to do speed and zone accuracy. The event went over really well and everyone on the DZ was able to watch and cheer us on. Jay Moledzski took first averaging 400+ ft per swoop and John Zuliani was a close second. When we got back to our DZ (EDEN NORTH Alberta) my DZO said he is going to build a pond for next season( I can hardly contain my excitement) we decided on the size 300' by 80' by 3' deep but now we need to figure out what is the best way to go about building it i.e. a liner, filtration and so on. Anyone out there who has hands on experience your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Chris Day
  12. Hey Pete in the latest Canpara there is a site address where you can check out the whole dive done by Dave Brown and Andreas Tize. The site is, I hope this helps, the jump doesn't look half as crazy as looks in the PIMS. Later Chris
  13. Ya I had my lower control lines lengthened about 4 inches and my brakes were still too short, I think my canopy has just over 900 jumps on it so Im due for a new set.
  14. I am currently getting a reline on my Stiletto 97 and was wondering if there is a big difference between the 550 and 825 microline as far as longevity is concerned? The canopy currently has 825 line.