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  1. Very nice flying for a couple guys more into VRW than artistic. It would have been nice to see Anomoly compete to see how they would have stacked up against them. On a side note, I've had coaching from Travis, and he is, without a doubt, the most down to Earth of the badass skydivers I know - highly recommended! Canuck
  2. Yeah...where were John Zuliani and Chris Hayes? Done competing?
  3. 500 HMA is completely suitable for terminal jumps. I switched from vectran 500 to HMA 500 this season, and love them. I didn't have one shitty opening all year (almost all terminal jumps), and it feels to me, anyway, like I carry a little more power out the bottom of my turn with them. Not a lot, but I can feel it. I expect (hope) that these lines will last about the same as all the vectran 500 sets I've gone through. Canuck
  4. Looks routed correctly to me; he just has it folded back over and stowed on the other side - which isn't uncommon. And your "I wonder if he's still with us" statement is a little melodramatic. Do you really think that if the guy had fallen out of his harness on this jump, that the picture would be featured in the catalogue?? C'mon... Canuck
  5. I hear what you're saying - I think it was right on the edge of what that canopy (with me under it) could handle before becoming detrimental to its flight performance. Canuck
  6. I had a Stiletto 107 loaded at abut 1.8 or 1.9, and really liked how it flew. Compared to a few 120s that I have jumped over the years, I would say you will notice a slightly longer recovery, a little more speed, and a slightly more abrupt tendency to stall if you get too deep into your flare. It will still hang up in the sky forever in brakes on those long spots. I used to get some really decent swoops out of my 107. I always struggled to do so with 120s. Canuck
  7. You saying that you're going to spiral until your eyes pop out as if that's your right is every bit as dangerous as one of those "evil swoopers" saying he is going to throw big turns in the middle of a busy landing pattern. This attitude is a problem that I believe most dropzones perpetuate through their first jump courses and AFF programs. I know every DZ that I have been involved with the instructional program at teach students that the holding area is a playground. We need to stop doing that and start teaching students to use that altitude for finding vertical spacing and doing canopy drills that will help them become better and safer canopy pilots. Spiralling is fun, so is swooping. They both belong on canopy flight specific loads (i.e. high pull loads). Canuck
  8. Vipers became Alphas, Alphas became Cobalts; they're all basically the same... It's a nine cell eliptical, designed (at the time) for high performance flight. I'm thinking that they are at least 12 years old. Put it in the same class as a Stiletto, only without PD customer service. Canuck
  9. Everything you said could apply to figure skating, which always manages to sell out venues at Olympic and World Games on whatever continent they are held, as well as invite millions of TV viewers. Most of those people don't own skates, anymore than they own parachutes. Artisitcally judged sports aren't lame - sometimes the judges are. And usually, the people calling them lame are the ones who didn't win. Canuck
  10. According to the guy I buy through, PD did some re-structuring a while ago that prevents their dealers from selling their products much below suggested retail. I think I paid just under retail for mine, but that included shipping, taxes, and an install and pack. If you can find a local rigger/dealer, that's where you have your bargaining power. Canuck
  11. Nothing scary about watching a skilled pilot (i.e. Craig G.) swoop a Stiletto. In trim, they open great, fly great, and swoop great (for what it is). Crossfires are awesome too. I've had both over the years, and liked them for different reasons. I can say for sure that my old, bagged out Stiletto 107 came back from long spots better than my Crossfire 119. It also worked really well for doing video of 4-way sequential CRW. Canuck
  12. "Gear Fear" sucks, and takes a great deal of fun out of skydiving. You will enjoy your jumps a 100% more if you're not spending every plane ride wondering if your reserve is going to blow up, or break your legs on landing. Go get yourself a PD or a SMART or some other more modern reserve... Canuck
  13. Why former? What prompted the move back to the Velo? Canuck
  14. I'd be too embarassed to give either of those videos away, nevermind actually make someone pay money for them. No offense to Mr. Clawson, who is an absolute badass! Canuck