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  1. Good points both of you! Thanks. I really don't want to put much effort in selling it, and I don't want that anybody flies it without being able to, so I guess I'll go with the dealer. You helped, Thanks. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  2. Hi, I have a complete rig that I want to sell but the main canopy is just too small for most of the available customers at my Home DZ (Crossfire-2 109). All is in pretty good shape, but as I live in Mexico, I am wondering what do you think would be the best way to sell it; Commmissioning it to a big DZ like SDC or Perris, giving it to Square-1, posting it here in, posting it on eBay or what? It is a full rig, Mirage G4 + Crossfire-2 + Cypres-2 + Smart reserve al with less than 200 jumps on it. Also, I don't want to sell it in parts...I am in no hurry. Any advice will help. Thanks! Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  3. I am recently hooked by Horseback Riding (English style) and I think I could do without skydiving now that I found this. It is perhaps not as extreme, but does have an adrenaline kick to it, is something I can do every day and not just during the weekends, it is -or can be- competitive, challenging, enduring, fast, exciting and very expensive! It is something also outdoorsy and with a strong community, special language and friendly people. Plus you get to work with an animal, which I find awesome. It is also a year round sport, with nice visuals and socially acceptable. But then again, I might keep skydiving every now and then. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  4. There was some talk in SDC after the new HDWR, but nothing happened. In any case I would be very interested as well. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  5. He, he, he...that sounds just right! Although it sort of starts feeling like we are very age conscious.....when we really couldn't care less. Anyway, I think that jumping makes all of us brothers, except for those godamm sons of bitches that occasionally fall....old or young. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  6. You nailed the feeling! But I am really amazed that I can talk to them as peers, and believe that they don't think of me as an old fart....I might be wrong though! Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  7. I was watching on T.V. several programs devoted to the anniversary of Man landing on the Moon forty years ago. As POP I relate to the news and was happy to live again that feeling of excitement and accomplishment, but quickly enough, I started wondering what would that mean for my fellow skydivers, most of which are under 40 years old age. And also, it got me thinking about the fact that most of my friends are way younger than myself, and that I can relate easier with young people than with people my age. Is that a sign of immaturity? Is this shared by other skydivers? Would this mean that we mentally age less that those non-skydivers? Any thoughts? Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  8. You are completely right. Thanks for the clarification. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  9. I don't want to go there....but there is a reason for wavers, and they state that if you suffer heart disease you should not skydive. The results of this research might just change that for some heart conditions. And unfotunately I have lost a friend in skydiving due to a low turn. That does not mesan that the sport is dangerous, it just means that a mistake can have fatal consequences. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  10. Interesting indeed. But my research will not be on hypertension. It will be on how does skydiving affects blood pressure to find out if it is a risk or not for High Pressure subjects. I know of people skydiving while being controlled with medication. I was not aware of people like you, where skydiving actually served as a therapy. And I guess there are several hypertense people skydiving, just because they are unaware of their condition, since it is largely asimptomatic. In any case the findings could be encouraging/discouraging for potential skydivers, and also give a better insight as to just how risky this activity really is. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  11. Well, I work in a pharmaceutic company and we do several different clinical trials. This is different. Is just research on how the sport affects Blood Pressure. Of course I have come with several things I will have to be able to account for, like the fact that atmospheric pressure varies, and then I don't know how reliable is going to be the messurments with a given baumanometer. I have thought of grouping at least three different kinds of subjets: Novice (tandem jumps), experienced (like you and I) and professionals (those who live doing this activity). The level and frequency of exposure my play a role. I will also have a control group of people just accompanying a test and perhaps those observers, that ride the plane but do not jump. Adrenaline does increase heart rate. In any case, I still think it would be worthwhile even if it is just a silly experiment for some. The logistics, I haven't yet decided, but please keep on commenting on this project. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  12. I've been looking for information about skydiving and hypertension. I know the wavers from the DZs state that you should not skydive if you have any kind of heart condition, but I can't find a scientific or medical article discussing the topic. Therefore, I am planning on conducting a study on how does Skydiving affects blood pressure in healthy volunteers. I know heart rate increases and possibly also blood pressure, but maybe just systolic pressure...I think the results could be interesting for more people than myself, but I would like to know if any of you can give me some insight into the subject. Thanks. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!
  13. I have had a bunch of different suits and pants. Most of them work fine with me but I was looking for something faster (not just not baggy but with thinner fabric) and not very warm, cause I jump in warm places most of the time. The suit from Kurupee is just what I needed and Eduardo was extremely nice and helpful for me.
  14. I have been in there twice for the Boogie Guarani, the biggest boogie in Latin America. Has three Casa 212, two Bell HU a Cessna 206 and the warmest, and most beautiful manifest. However it takes a while to keep the back to backs going. During the boogie safety is always before business, and there are a lot of skydivers from Brazil and Argentina. RW is preferred though.
  15. Hi, as a mexican skydiver (EX-DZO by the way), I think I can help you. If you are in Torreon, there is really nothing near. Forget about skydiving. If you are in Mexico City, you will have two DZ to choose from: Skydive Cuautla, which at that time of the year has an Otter and Skydive Tequesquitengo which flies a Dornier 28 or cessna (182 and 180). Depending on your expectations and experience it would be best to go to one or the other. Both are in the State of Morelos and it will take about a couple of hours to arrive to the DZ from Mexico City. There is a Bus service to nearby cities, but you will need a taxi or a friend to get there. Chech both DZ in the "Dropzones" Tab under Mexico and decide. Both are pretty laid back. I am sure you'll have fun in either one. Full Planes and Blue Skies Always!