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    Wingsuit Wannabe!

    Well when you are 18 and able to sign your life away to skydiving legally, then yes you should start there. I would suggest hang out around the DZ till then and learning how to pack and everything else about the sport. When the time comes to do a tandem and or just start AFF program you will be more ready the the average person, plus you will know how to pack! A-license allows you to jump solo at other DZ and or with other skydivers. Depending on the DZ and the program you go through you could be jumping solo with out an instructor after 8 or so jumps but you still require an A-license to jump with other skydivers. It does cost a lot of money! but once it's all said and done and paid for... you won't regret it! The first year is the most expensive because of training, gear rental, shelling out a large sum of cash for your own rig etc! It's worth every penny even though I'm broke right now and wishing I had all the money I spent... I know that next time I get on that plane it's going to cost me $25! Every time I talk to my friends who are in their 40's who just got their license say to me "wished I got into their earlier in life" so the earlier the better if it is really something you end up enjoying as much as the rest of us!
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    New Gear Exit

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    Skydive Alabama

    Wonderful place to jump! Staff is awesome and friendly as ever! This is where I did my first AFF and Tandem here and every time I go back, each jump got progressively more awesome!