2 way FF Dive Pool

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I can appreciate you wanting to see the picture to help you visualize how to build the points. However, if you do find pictures drawn for description I recommend spending lots of time with your teammate discussing how you can build the same formation based just upon the description and not try to mimic exactly what you see in a picture. Most of the 2-way vrw points can be built with an extremely "cheated" angle, that will help you move through the dive with better flow. Example; a vertical compressed accordion will typically be shown with the two flyers in a side by side orientation. You can build that same formation faced off with each other, to allow better eye contact and closer proximity for the following point.

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What people call 2way is actually referred to as just Freefly and when you register for Nationals it is called 3way. Freefly is considered an artistic discipline and not VRW as it contains both compulsory rounds (randoms) and an artistic routine. Additionally, performers are expected to fly in all orientations (head, feet, belly, back, etc..) and not just in vertical orientations.

If you are asking for the freefly randoms for USPA you want to look in the SCM (Skydivers Competition Manual) in section 6 (Artistic Events). 6-3.1 lists the Open class randoms and 6-3.2 lists the Intermediate randoms. 6-1.11 contains definitions of what constitutes legal moves, grips, docks, etc... The FAI stuff is also contained in the artistic section of their corresponding competition documents.

I don't have any pictures of the randoms though they would only be an idea of what it might look like. A Joker for instance is one performer head up and one performer head down with a single hand-to-hand grip. It doesn't specify which hand is to be used by either performer nor does it say that they have to be perfectly in front of each other. The specified grip and the orientation of the jumpers are what is important in randoms.

Rounds 2 and 5 are random/compulsory rounds and 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 are the "free" rounds. This is the same for USPA and FAI.

Here are some examples from the guys that won gold in the open class at the 2009 USPA nationals at Spaceland.


Hope this is helpful.

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