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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply. Sounds like its not worth the $200 for the BASE jump version. My 15's will probably just bounce around as much as on my protec. Can't justify buying the ballistic version as the couple of helmets I already have will do for now. I'll wait till it hits our supply to try it out.
  2. Lou, How do you find the weight balance of this helmet with your NVG's and are you using PVS14's or 15's? My ballistic helmet (MICH high cut) balances out fine with the 15's on a cadex mount with a bit of a counterweight on the battery pack. How ever when I want to roll lighter I have a protec setup but the chin strap doesn't keep the helmet in place enough to see properly. Does this helmet have any mounting on the rear for a battery pack or would I have to mod it myself?
  3. Count your jumps as you please, its for your records. Once you make some base jumps you won't care who tells you they don't count anyways..
  4. Action Figure Therapy had a good response to this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djk7UWi_dvU
  5. I've been using the Surefire ear plugs at work for about 2 years now, they are the best ear plugs around. The EP3's have a little plastic plug in them too, remove the plug and you can hear normal conversations without people having to yell. Also it helps if you are having pressurization issues with your ears.
  6. That video was spammed all over Facebook a while back. Would have been pretty easy for anyone to get a copy.
  7. No. He's right. Sell the horse.. Then you will have enough money for the beer.
  8. WOOWW.. they just went right by that vehicle to the dude on the ground.. no one even cleared it! at least 2 guys had their backs to it.. unsat..
  9. Id say they are passed the point of hiding, more of a show of force at this point..
  10. Good find. Will be interesting to watch how this plays out. I'm guessing by where they are staging from they have ruled out any explosives..
  11. No. You need at least 20,000 jumps before you can jump a camera without dying. its science.
  12. Is he wearing this around on his civvies? Most dudes i've met don't even like wearing uniforms let alone wearing badges on their civvies. Any one thats been to VA beach can point out a SEAL but that goes for most SF guys. You just gotta know what youre looking for. I doubt the guys an operator, probably just a poser. edit to add: I assumed it was civvies because if hes posing with a trident on in uniform thats a whole different ball game. I bet if you ask him he tells you he rolls with 6...
  13. Climbing up isn't so bad, ya it's a workout but i'm lazy and don't climb much past 300ft anyways. It's the climbing down that sucks..