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  1. yeah! and dont even dare to develop lazy legs Its time to rock&roll.
  2. kids! so who is coming? we are getting ready now!!! its gonna be freaky fun! Its time to rock&roll.
  3. http://www.skydivingmagazine.com/storeintro.htm I ordered a few videos and books from them. It always was a problem to get items but now I cant even reach them by phone and my order was paid about 4 weeks ago Does anybody know alternative way to reach these guys? especially Sandy Bobo? thanks
  4. maybe that can help http://www.4waymeet.com/2wayVRW.htm
  5. locking the legs isnt a good idea either, you barely learn how to use your legs in sit on exit.
  6. yes taking your partner's right hand with your right hand. thats called flower exit.
  7. guys, do I really fly on my hips in headdown? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rye7p-wb800 your comments are appreciated!
  8. hey fellow, flover 2 way, 3 way and so on exit means you that guys are taking the grip with the same hand. in 2 way one of you is facing tale, another one - prop, you both are indoors... Its time to rock&roll.
  9. 2 way flover is the best and pretty tricky for some people Its time to rock&roll.
  10. folks! I need advice from those who train there and use their jump ticket packages... 1. can i do 7-8 jumps a day with a coach without being on each load or every second load??? 2. did you use jump packages to cover your coach slot? did you buy a separate package to do this? thanks... and any suggestions are appreciated! Its time to rock&roll.
  11. Im gonna go into skysurfing too in a year and looking for contatcts of Erik Fradet, check him out.. Its time to rock&roll.
  12. hey Fordy! where can i see the list pf eurorecord participators? ...not just from UK...???
  13. jo, folks, how do you get rid of it by yourself? and we arent talking about jumping with a coach, watching videos, talking to gurus... this sport is about mental health, mindset and most of the time we have to deal with this problem, when something goes wrong from jump to jump, again and again. the same movement, the same transit doesnt go well, as it should ( transit, coming to formation).. what exersices, words, "magic" you use to relax and fly free? thanks! Its time to rock&roll.