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  1. Hi Gustavo! What settings are people using on the A5100? Thanks
  2. Can anybody post some exit photos from NEX-3/5 taken with the 7 pictures/second mood? I would like to see the hole serie of pictures from climb out to 7-10 pictures from exit point. It would be nice to see how good the camera performs in a skydiving invironment :)
  3. I would be very happy if you could send me the pictures too. Please!
  4. I would kill to get that information....
  5. Hello, I am going to buy my first still camera and I am planing to buy the Canon Rebel XS/1000D. I have also looked at the Canon G10 but I think it is to slow... The leans that comes with the XS/1000D camera (18-55) dose not have IS (at least in sweden). Is the lack IS bad for freefall photography or should i get a leans with IS?? I will use it shoot tandems and some other random jumps. Another option is to buy the camera house and the 18-55 IS separately, that would still be sheap enough for me. I know that there are much better lenses quality wise but i cant afford that right now..... //Tim
  6. What happend with the pylon race??;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  7. Congrats, for choosing Sweden, you wont be sorry! What dropzone did you choose? //Tim
  8. I started 2005 when i was 17 yrs old and now i am 20. //Tim Sweden
  9. Tahank you very much :) I still have one small question, how wide is the wide angle compared to a x0.3 or x0.45-5 leans on an sony cam? (Just aproximatly, i know that x0.3 or x0.45-5is a relative to wisch camera you use) Thank you for a good review!
  10. I really look forward to red that review :)
  11. Hello Theo! Due to the weather in Sweden, I would definitely get some kind of box or a cheaper alternative a neopren camera glove. You can fabricate the neopren glove by yourself (use material from an old dive suit). The moisture can kill you camera any day. :) //Tim Sweden Västerås
  12. Are we there yet?? Are we there yet?? Are we there yet?? Are we there yet?? Are we there yet?? Are we there yet?????? I am realy locking forward to that review....
  13. The only can you can buy for sidmounting purpose is the TG1/3. The ones in the post above are too big..... But of corse you CAN side mont them... //Tim
  14. He must have meant this one: