Runtime error line 49 after sending email

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Error message:

"A runtime error has occurred.
Line 49:
top.folders.location is NULL or not an object."

Steps taken:

Compose a new email or draft a reply to an existing one. Press the SEND button. Each time I've gotten this message, it's was preceeded by a longer than usual wait after clicking the button. It's not 100% reproducible but I've gotten it several times already.

!!! NOTE !!!

The email still reaches the SMTP server and gets delivered normally.

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I forgot to mention that I'm using MSIE 5.5 for my browser. And I've now found a way to reproduce it without sending email.

1. Go to "View my email"
2. Click on "Inbox"
3. Click on "Folders"
The same error message is received (but on line 69) before the folder list is displayed.

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If you click on that little ! icon on the bottom left when you get those errors, itll tell ya what line the errors on and what the reason is normally. Usually a javascript error.
Some times this happens when you simply have a line of code spread across too many lines-LOL-
D.Chisolm C-28534
[email protected]

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