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  1. Not a clue. Email the DC3 people and ask. See original post for the addy. I would guess that 12 hours would be relatively close.
  2. You could try I got me some Airwalks there a few months back with free and fast shipping.
  3. The big difference between racing and swooping is the angle at which you meet the ground. When you are racing you might "lose it" anywhere between 1 and 3 feet off the ground. This would not be a huge impact, you might have a fast foreward speed but the angle of impact is relatively shallow. With swooping you can meet the ground at a shallow angle, which usually results in rolling and tumbling along the ground. Or worse, impact at a high angle, such as 45 degrees or more to the ground. The latter in my opinion is where most injuries/deaths occur and I really doubt that body armour would prevent the broken bones from the high speed, high angle impact.
  4. Damn you! I only live about an hour away from you and I didn't get mine!
  5. Hey big guy, did you search the archives? I am in the same situation of getting ready to go wireless in a few weeks. Here is a post with a little info;search_string=wireless;#414025. Personally I think I am going to go with a 802.11b network using a wireless access point. With an access point you can upgrade it later. If you were to buy a Router, switch, AP combo, (such as Linksys for example) and upgrade, your paying for stuff that you don't need. If you have a router/switch it is not likely to need anything more than firmware upgrades. When the technology changes, just get the new access point and wireless card if needed.
  6. hey, it's been a long day....just talking to Phree and had to look to see if the first Sat. in May was on a weekend?
  7. I am thinking it is the opposite. There is light leaking through the shutter on one side, thus the film is getting overexposed on that side. If the shutter was not opeining all the way it would be a lighter, if not white side to the pic. Sorry, can't explain why it is not happening to the whole roll.
  8. If you leg straps are loosened you flare will be higher than normal (in the toggle range that is.) I would not be concerned with this myself. In response to the comment about cutting away from the main when you hit the water and swimming away. It is going to be pretty hard to swim down and away from the canopy and lines with a container on your back, since the reserve container will be keeping you bouyant. And if you are having any kind of problems, or a long swim ahead, that last thing you want is a container that is getting gradually heavier cause the reserve container is now taking on water.
  9. I jump a Mirage G3 and from looking at video from two jumps this weekend I have right around 2 sec. from PC release to the transition to stand up at line stretch. From there is is about another 2.5 to 5 seconds until slider down
  10. Not sure but I think some of these places (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) also harvest address of outgoing mail addresses and sell them off too.
  11. That, and it lets them know that they reached someone at that (your) address.
  12. Lets think of another possibility. If you have a PC tow and you cutaway an pull the reserve it is possible that the main won't leave the bag because the main is no longer anchored to you (except for maybe the split second before your riser covers come open.) I am not saying this is fact cause anything can happen, but I am thinking the main d-bag would leave just after the reserve freebag. Line-stretch will open the riser covers and the main could stay in the bag. Ya still got the main risers and some lines that should be to the outside of the reserve risers. Again, no hard facts just another way to look at the situation.
  13. What if you visit a DZ near water? When you are about to splash down is not the time to figure out what you need to be doing to get ready. Skydivers have drowned from landing in water.
  14. Make sure you are leaving enough bridle above and below the pin. I was having hesitations every now and then and I am thinking this might be part of the problem.