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Paul, I don't know Rob very well but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't get involved in something as cheap and unethical as what you're suggesting. Shame on you for casting aspersions on such a talented freeflyer....and really nice guy as Rob.......Silver that is.......the one who coaches at Bodyflight.......

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Ok bit more detail. Was wanting to test out Bedford after the power increase but could only do Wednesday evening, sadly Bedford were choca, so thought may aswell get some time in and booked Milton Keynes. Had an awesome time loads of 2 way head up with marco(Michael). As always with Airkix left feeling euphoric as the air is so choice (powerful and smooth). Then I though may aswell pop in to Bedford on the way home. Got there and managed to blag some time as the staff where having a 'lock in' It was a beutiful experience, I nearly wept the power was awesome, every bit as good as Airkix for freeflying plus you get the bigger tunnel. And the icing on the cake got to fly with Fabian, and then Fabian and rob. At one point we where all facing into centre and hands in middle on a 3 way dock. Don't think this would've been possible for me before the power increase as i was so much using my arms for lift before but now they are free.

Think we should consider ourselves privileged to have 2 of the best wind tunnels in the world.

On balance for me and freeflying it's tricky. They are now both awesome for speed(pressure). The extra space at Bedford is a plus. Also feel a loyalty to Freejive as am good mates with Rob and Chris. Have also made some good friends at Milton Keynes (Marco, and Alec).

Guess for the most part it'll be Bedford and ocassionalyy Airkix to mix it up a bit.

Also think it's such an amazing sport where mere saps like us get to regularly train with the countries/worlds best. oh and Rob:P

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