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  1. Well.. I can only speak for ourselves at Bedford in this subject... but our reasoning was :- . We opened with two doors originally as we figured that and 'in-out' flow for customers would be quickest and make for a sensible operation . After a couple of years and listening to customer feedback etc decided that two doors actually made for a slower operation. (ie the instructor had to move from one door to the other prior to customers getting in) So we closed off one door and made the area around the remaining door larger to make the transition for flyers smoother. From a safety point of view it definitely makes it safer only having one door to guard. Makes no difference to insurance premiums - however cuts down potential blame issues if someone did fall out an unguarded door. From an air quality point of view - any door loses pressure slightly in the chamber however in our system this is very minimal. In fact we have removed all our windows (for the Bond filming) and still flown with no noticable issues.
  2. This is actually something that is quite common a request in certain fields of employment (not just modelling... lol) For us it provides a way of assesing physique and athletesism as well as of course getting Dave totty photos Its just one of many information pieces which aid in narrowing down a large pile of CVs potentially.
  3. Threads like this one always stagger me... Can I ask if this was something that you asked to rectify at the time you left the tunnel? If so I would like to address how an error like this was not looked into. I do take a little umbridge to the generalisation that we take our manifest operation slackly. This is grossly inaccurate and I can count on one hand the number of time issues we have in operation. Either the manifest was crashing or some other guy jumped in your go? which was it? Bottom line is I think majority of users that have visited us know that if you had an issue while at Boyflight - you would have it addressed with courtesy and enthusiasm should you raise it with us. If you want to discuss this issue with me I will gladly look into the details with you! Kind regards Paul Bodyflight Bedford
  4. The motors generally dont create alot of heat... our motor isnt actually in the airflow either! Heat is generated simply from the air movement friction and compression around the flow circuit. Sadly the laws of physics mean this will always be a problem which needs to be cooled! Venting and mechanical cooling both have some downsides but its necessary if you guys want to be comfortable! lol Bodyflight Bedford
  5. See if you can see us... lol Bodyflight Bedford
  6. Hey.. I have got an even better idea!... hows about this one.... We take a big bucket to the bottom of the ocean - then convert water to hydrogen/oxygen using electricity and use those gasses to lift the bucket to the surface... add a mechanism so that as the bucket rises we generate electricity to fuel this conversion process - and then use that electricity to generate more hydrogen etc... the byproduct gas we can then use to generate more electricity by burning it at the surface and bingo! - no problems! Bodyflight Bedford
  7. You Brits were always a funny bunch! You omitted "over" from "over 30 FS teams".
  8. Hi all, This years competition is looking to be a great event already with alot of real talent competing again. We already have over 30 FS teams registered with a maximum of 40 places possible. If you are thinking about entering a team in this years challenge please get your application in REAL SOON! as only 9 places left.
  9. Thats exactly what weve done... but I never thought anyone would figure it out! .. DAMN! lol Bodyflight Bedford
  10. What dya mean chuck? Bodyflight Bedford
  11. ***Check out Bedfords pricing, 1600USD per hour. I hate being dragged into these things... but - I have no choice with a line like that! First things first... if you ignore the currency market and assume you can do a straight pound for dollar comparisson while being fair ... then our prices as Ross said are more like $1050 dollars - to $1200 per hour However - we operate this price structure while charging the same as a 12ft tunnel less than 30miles away. So probably fairer to include us in a discussion on how we manage to keep our prices the same as smaller facilities in the same marketplace. We do not charge more for size - or our prices are not high for a UK market. Bodyflight Bedford
  12. I really dont like arguments on symantecs however that is not at all what your statement read... In no way could be read that :- You said very clearly that taking guns away has NO effect on crime rate - that means up or down. So - you then asked for a different reason as to why guns should be removed from society... To try and drag me into a debate on a point I didnt make wont work Bodyflight Bedford
  13. Sure.. this I understand... but the poster I replied to had stated that a gun ban does not change the crime figures + or - .... and wanted a different reason for not having guns.... your comparison goes back to the crime/incident prevention figures Bodyflight Bedford
  14. Thats not my premise at all... I was replying to a post based on that assumption and asking for a different reason. I simply offered one. Bodyflight Bedford
  15. No - cus that not what I am saying.... The post I replied to had made the statement/assumption that a gun ban made no change plus or minus to crime.... hence why ban them... Check my reply more closely Bodyflight Bedford