Zhills - 9/12 - Luau

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The normal fun, promoted by the dz locals and some
well-intentioned friends. B|

We had so much fun with the pajama party that
we decided that we needed another opportunity to dress up. This time, it's grass skirts, etc. :)
Saturday 9/12 - Luau party.

During the day-
Hawaiian shirt jumps
Hula hoop jumps
Jumps with the Muff Bros, Flying HF,
and Team Dirty Sanchez.

Saturday evening -
Pig roast.
Live music from Gabe.
Hula contest.
Limbo (need I say more).
Spiffy drinks with umbrellas (consider this your warning :)).
Whatever else we come up with between now and then, but can't post.

Suggestions welcome. B|

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I'm awaiting final confirmation of the balloon jumps, probably tomorrow.
I was told:
$80 for the slot, 7-8 per load. Only 2 loads (welcome to Florida balloon jumps).
Those on load 2 will have to be in the chase van to meet the balloon and go!

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Ok, here is what I know.

People from the Muff Bros, Hellfish, and TDS will be there.

Mike will be organizing hoop dives.

We want to do some Hawaiian shirt dives.
No suit, just shorts and a print shirt. (Should be interesting :ph34r:)

In the evening, there will be a party, so bring your grass
skirt and lei. There will be live music provided by Gabe, as well as an excellent dinner.

Kathryn will be in charge of all limbo-related activities.

There will be something involving hula hoops and dancing, of course. :)
Plan on fun jumps during the day and entertainment
in the evening. Bring your special attire. B|

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