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  1. Oh well if the weather is good I can still do some fun jumps! If not I can go shoot my new rifle so its a win win for me
  2. If you want it badly enough, then you will attain it. And, perhaps, someday you will smile and say to yourself, "I may screw up this skydive, but, my-o-my, am I lucky to be a skydiver." Few others in this world know that joy. Man that is excellent can I use it for my signature line
  3. I love my Mamba too but as was said every head is different try before you buy
  4. Man that sucks! Hope you get it back
  5. Littering and Littering and ................smokin the reefer
  6. Reminds me of that movie Super Troopers! Cops out messing with people
  7. You heard right Lake wales is not fun jumper friendly any more (New owners) Go to Z-Hills it is great
  8. I'm lucky My DZ now is Skydive City. T.K. runs the DZ and everybody I've met there seems to be very friendly. Mike Wolfe is one of the load organizers there and seems to have no problem helping newer jumpers get on four way and six way RW jumps. Even when I was jumping at Lake wales there were plenty of people (experenced and newbie's) willing to jump with me after I got my A liscense And yes its expensive built a good rig for 2500 (Racers can be found cheap) slapped a barely used Pilot 210 in it raven 3 reserve . Bought a bonehead Mamba, a protrack and a hand mount altimeter I dont have an AAD but thats a personal choice more than a financial choice. I started My AFF course in 1995 got to level 6 and then stopped because I couldnt afford it started back in Pittsfield Maine in 2000, (Static line) did some more jumps then stopped again same reason finances werent there. But now I'm back in it again got my A and working towards My B I think if a person really wants to jump they will find a way !
  9. I'm too busy watching out for other canopys sounds like another good way to kill yourself or someone else though seriously people this is one of the main reasons I sold my motorcycle
  10. Got a Super Raven 3 249 reserve in my Racer SST I'm about 249 pounds geared up so it should flare good