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  1. Got to say that for me this is probably the best book i've read in many, many years. Not for the faint hearted, but an amazing read. BUY IT!!
  2. Hi guy and girls. I've found a course at Skydive Sebastian FL that seems to suit me perfectly. (Aff to 'A' in a week) I live in the UK but am lucky enough to get cheap flights to Orlando through work. This along with the reduced costs of learning in the states really makes this my best option for getting qualified. I've noticed on some other US DZ web pages that if you are a UK student, there are some extra things/jumps that need to be completed on top of the standard USPA 'A' stuff to enable me to jump solo on my return to the UK. Does anyone have info they'd be willing to share with me? My overall aim is to complete AFF, consols and 4x Coaching jumps in the US before returning, thus keeping my costs for jumping in the UK on my return as low as possible. I've contacted BPA via email asking the same question but so far no joy. It'd be great to have all the needed info before I go over the water, that way I can show the DZ/Instructors any extra requirements I might need for my BPA 'A'. If anyone can help, thanks in advance! JJ
  3. Again i'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone that's taken the time out to reply or PM me. Rest assured i've taken everything onboard and am looking to spend 2 weeks(ish) doing AFF and consols in November, either in Spain or Florida. In the meantime i'll be tunneling away, but hopefully i'll have some good new to report soon. JJ
  4. Thanks for the response guys, I guess we'll see how I get on...
  5. Hi to everyone, i'lll make this as short as I can... 2 years ago I made my first jump as a Tandem, loved it, then immediately signed up for a SL course. No real fear or anxiety whatsoever on the first jump, but on the second of the day I was last out (Islander carrying 7) and while waiting for my turn to go and watching the others go I really started to get panicky. Nonetheless, I still grudgingly dragged my ass to the door and got out, making a really unstable exit. Luckily apart from one arm being a little sore from a riser jerk and some mean line twists all ended well. Cut to one month later and i'm back in the Islander, determined to get to freefall. The very second the door closed I was drenched in a horrible, leg-shaking dread that just didn't stop...Definately made worse by having to watch two accuracy ladies hopping and popping from 2500, climbing over me to get out. Just when I thought I was either going to poo in my pants or die of fright I was called to the door. All feelings vanished, and I made a great exit and landed like a butterfly. Bottom line is this...I have never stopped thinking about skydiving and have been saving for the last few months to get my AFF and consols done, probably in Spain. I long for the day that I can be tracking across the sky with a relaxed grin on my face, but if i'm honest i'm petrified of freezing up in the door or freaking out when the door closes. I'm fine in the tunnel, i'm abseiling off a Hotel next week for charity, and out of 3 SL jumps I have a 100% Line-Twist record and so have faith in myself under pressure...But i'm still pretty nervy about getting out the door at altitude. Is there any hope for me, or should I stick to the tunnel and admit that it's not gonna happen? Feel free to PM, and thanks in advance. JJ
  6. Thanks folks...I'm in the UK so I don't have a 7-11 nearby! Will do a little Googling for fabric paint though. JJ
  7. The suit is red at the front, but once the rig is on you can't really see much of it. It's not an expensive suit, so i've got no problem changing it. I'm still on student rigs at the moment so I can't really think about getting the cutaway handle changed until I (eventually) get my own rig. thanks though!
  8. Hi all. I have a RW skinny suit that has Red grab handles. My DZ won't let me jump it as they are concerned about confusion between the cutaway handle and the grab handles due to the colour. Can anyone recommend a good way of changing the colour of the handles? I've tried the strongest over-the-counter clothing dye and it just doesn't work. I'm thinking about using a LOT of Permanent marker, or maybe model paint or something? Any suggestions? Thanks, JJ
  9. After waiting since doing doing my tandem in Jan I finally got to do my first two S/L solo jumps today! The first one went like a dream...Good stable exit, Line twists which were dealt with in about 2 secs, a sweet approach and a stand up landing 6ft from the 'X'!! Sadly the second jump wasn't quite as nice, my exit was a little poor as i seemed to 'de-arch' a little and this resulted in my legs doing a little kicking. Still, after the safety count and dealing with twists again I was under a nice big canopy. I did misjudge the crosswind leg a little though and landed about 200yds from the centre of the DZ in some crops! (Sorry Mr Farmer!) All was looking great for another stand-up landing, right up until I put my feet down, started to turn round to collapse the canopy and tripped over a bloody great Rock!! All in all though, a great day out. Roll on next weekend!
  10. That gives me a better idea guys, many thanks!
  11. How much can I expect to pay (Roughly?) for a second-hand rig that'd be suitable for a student in the first year or two? I'm really not looking for anything fancy and have no interest in swooping or CReW at the moment, just something that's nice and docile and will get me down to earth without too much of a thud! I know there's probably so many elements that need to be answered before I can get an accurate price, but just a ball park figure would be great. I'm 5'11 and 170-175lbs.
  12. You're right there, onlydownside being my DZ is only open Sundays and I work shifts which means I only get one off a month!!! I think after the first two or three jumps I might have to change to Headcorn DZ as it's a little closer and they're open weekdays. I did toy with the idea of saving up to go to Spain for an AFF course, but i've really got the bug and want to get jumping asap.
  13. Finally the day came today for me to take my RAPS Static-Line ground school! The course was great, and seeing the rig and trying it on reminded me of the tandem...Only much cooler! Passed the course ok and got my Student BPS license, only to be told that we can't jump today because the weather in this country SUCKS. I'm not deterred though, as soon as I get my next sunday off i'll be the first one through the DZ gates and get my name on the manifest...My time will come!