Roll call: Gold Coast $10 jumps Feb 3rd.-6th.

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im going to try to beat my boss into submission tomarrow, and see what she says. but i do know that 4 or 5 guys from the DZ up here in kentucky are going down. They will be easy to spot, basically a bunch of hicks... but great guys! B|
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I know that alot of folks that normally attend the Mardi Gras Boogie are instead going to the "Marco Island (beach) Boogie" and some will be heading out to the "Boogie in a Box-- Mardi Gras Style".
As far as I know, Mike Igo - DZO of Goldcoast Skydivers supposedly wasn't doing any advertising other than word of mouth and whatever happened to get around on the net, so other than regulars and regional jumpers this will probably stay lowkey... Which is fine by me, $10. jumps without (hopefully) long manifest times will be golden;)!

This is the boogie thats not a boogie... No registration, no goody bags, no free food, beer or entertainment.... No high overhead cost putting it together for MikeB|.

Just $10. jumps:o from a Otter and spiffin King Air:):):)
And the weather outlook is great for Thur, Fri and Sat! Sun looks a little gloomy, but down here if ya don't like the weather give it a .5hr, it'll change:P.

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I am in, as far as I know. I am bringing my ole trusty Skyflyer, so if there are any flockers in here, please let me know if you would like to do some freakin' flockin!!!!

See you all soon.
Unknowing attempting to take out all 4 wheeled vehicles remotely close to the landing area!

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Sup, Jacob. I have heard of a bunch of other people coming but they just aren't posting here.

Looks like just the Otter for $10. Trey decided not to bring his King Air.
* No registration fee
* $10 jumps
* Free RV hook-ups
* Good people

That's all I need for a boogie, so I'll be there.
PMS#28, Pelogrande Rodriguez#1074
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