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  1. I've never met a tunnel rat that has asked for money but that doesnt mean that they dont appriciate it
  2. Hey guys, so what does it feel like when you push off? I did a search and didnt find anything helpfull. is it like a drop from a roller coaster or does that not even compare to a base jump. I dont plan on doing it untill I have a lot more skydives but never to soon to learn about stuff. does anyone suggust a few heli jumps or baloon jumps to get use to the feeling. do these even feel simular or is the base feeling completely differant? thanks everyone, -mike
  3. She's accualy a great dealer. I told her that I would get a AAD on my own and ship it to her. I work at skyventure and everyone knows her name and has not said anything but great things about her and that includes bushman. I never asked her about the differant kinds of AAD's because I had some time to start my reseach and get it to her by mid march when the rig will be ready to be put togeather. it tax season and time to spend some money on a ADD.
  4. Hey Everyone, Just ordered a aerodyne icon a few weeks back and need to know what kind of cypress it takes, a one pin or a two pin. and cypress can be changed from a one to a two pin and vice a versa, right? Thanks, Bowen
  5. Skyventure employees start out at around 1.5 X minimum wage but if they stick it out they will bump that up rather quickly. within a year they can be making good money (relevant to Florida’s cost of living compared to the north east where I am from) Plus if you are on these forms all day then obviously skydiving is more then a hobby, This is a career path and the networking you do by meeting major product company owners, skydiving icons and champions is worth what ever they pay you !!! The guys and girls that work there are totally awesome and want to help in any way possible. There are so many perks that come with that job it’s crazy. I cant say enough good things about the company or staff. There isn’t a better place to work in the industry, period! -Bowen
  6. Hey everyone, I am just curious about being a packer. Do you work through the DZ or is it just everyone for themselves. The last thing I want to do is step on someone elses turf and get them angry. I need some info on DZs in my areea (deland, spacecenter, lake walles, z-hills) and if you do work for them is it when ever you can or is it scheduled. I just got a job at SkyVenture and have to be flexable. How do you get started doing this? it wouldnt be for a while but when I am ready it will help pay for jumps. Thanks, Mike
  7. Hey everyone, I started my new job at Skyventure today and it was great. a really long day (about 12 hours) but it went by pretty quik. I had a chance to meet some really great people and even got some tunnel time in and some coaching. I couldnt ask for a better job. I was just in the right spot at the right time and said the right things and now I have a job, even though the counter girl said that they were not hiring at this time. Somebody upstair must like me because I have been told by numerous people (mostly employees) that it is almost imposible to get your foot in the door. There are only so many positions and you kind of have to wait until some one leaves, but who want to leave that job. I cant wait to go back to work tomarrow. (I apolgize that I am glowting, I just am so excited about this opportunity) Hope to see you all there, Michael Bowen
  8. Hey everyone, I called to late today to find out some stuff so I figured I would just ask here. Does Z-hills do free gear rentals after a certain amount of jumps per day? I know some places will only charge you for like 3 rental jumps in one day and then it's free for the rest of the day. Thanks everyone, Mike
  9. I am moving and am trying to figure which DZ I want to call home. what is you favorit DZ and why. P.s. any known jobs at Dz's for someone wanting to learn how things work? I check on here regularly but nothing listed local. Thanks, Mike
  10. Hello everyone, My boss should be comming back today from his trip today and I will speak with him later today or tomarrow. I am going to up load some pics of me on the Jump Zone. and of the Jump Zone all by itself. Here are some details of the sim. - 3 levels, 1st regular looking drop Zone area (field) 2nd at sea aircraft carier 3rd City level. (land between buildings) 3 levels of difficulty, beginner. -wind line and altimeter Advanced. - no wind lind. altimeter, and compass with built in target locator JumpMaster- same as above The Jumpzone has audible instructions and can be turned down so you cant hear it buy a simple knob. This sim came to us on a freight truck. to give people ideas of how to remove it. it weighs about 1000 to 1500 lbs. the height of it when ready to move is about 4 feet tall and about 8 feet in circumferance. This was primarily made for a VR simulation for average people. this does not simulate mals or changing winds. it would be great for teaching flight approach and toggle control and mabey a few other things depending on the instructor. This would be great for any skydiving to have (for instruction or novelty) Thanks, Mike. Please Email again if interested.
  11. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to give an update on the donation. I have recieved E-mails from serveral people and really appreciate the interest in the simulator. Just to let everyone know I will hopefully be talking to my boss and emailing people back on wednesday. I will send a private message to all that responded to notify them of this post. Just to let everyone know the manufactoring company is know longer in business. It has been pretty much hassel free and if there was ever a problem Most of the repairs were simple. Fixing it in the event it breaks is not rocket science. You just need to have a curious mind to figure it out or some handi man knowledge. we run alot or simulations throughout the day and dozens opon dozens during our peak season per day with little to no problems. Thanks everyone, Mike
  12. That would be it. We have many rides and I have put together a proposal for the gyroxtrem human gyroscope to replace the space of the Jump Zone.