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  1. it sounds like you're the one doing the "bitching and moaning!!!!"
  2. I learned on the "dope rope" also.
  3. (my DZ) doesn't take skyride certificates due to being screwed by Skyride refusing to pay and Skyride's odd tax practices< ----------------------------------------------------- Yeah! , apparently our DZO is owed quite a few thousand from Skyride and is having trouble collecting. He most definatly wants to stop using them, however he is scared they may not pay him if he suddlenly cut them off,,, he is a stupid man and has come to the conculision that he will only take a few every weekend until he is paid off. It is over due by severial months. So we can add does not pay their labor to the list of lie, cheat, steal.
  4. tandemreserves have been designed for tandemterminal openings!
  5. keep in mind your position will change from freefall to "in the saddle" of your reserve therfore the chance is your alredy cutaway main d-bag will fall between your feet ywords the ground. not up as you say.
  6. Do they still give jumper who jump the beach free beer? We used to get pitcher, after pitcher of free beer, then go around and make total asshats of ourselves. It was a lot of fun
  7. The real fight is actually ahead... it can be a long and protracted fight, and I know Mike is going to need our help every step of the way if he is going to win. Keep the faith!
  8. I tracked for the first time and it was amazing. Great......Leg awarness drills on Cat-B tandem jumps will totaly help prevent you from backsliding when you go AFF.
  9. Anyone with a stake in this issue can fill out the form at https://rn.ftc.gov/...rtup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01.
  10. I'll try to get the video to you, at pull time the video guy goes to a sitfly to video the opening so he was still with us in free fall. Trap door, ofcourse you know this already, but.. I consider the feeling to be of two parts, first the drouge collapses so the pair speeds up, then the D-bag deploys from the tray an rapidly decelerates the pair and I feel like we sorta swing under the main canopy. This is not what happened, There was no swinging feeling as the D bag decelerated us, it just Slammed open after hesitating at pull time. The video revealed the D-bag stayed on my back and rolled around causing the linetwist. I believe there was a problem with the drouge, it was switched out and the rest of the jumps that day went well. Thank you for posting Bill.
  11. You do not breakaway after you have pulled the droque-release
  12. Funny story when I went through my coach course several years ago. On my second evaluation jump, at the 20 minuet call I went to find my evaluator. He was hanging out and talking with some other jumpers, not wearing a rig. He looked at me and said "Ok, lets just say the first gear check is done, I meet you at the boarding area. Later when he arrived he was not wearing his rig, instead he was test jumping another jumpers rig who was complaining to him it was new and had a built in turn. Also my evaluator was a rigger. So I started with "time in". I reviewed the winds and where he should be at 1000 ft and proceeded to give him a gear check. First thing was the seal was broken on his reserve. He said your kidding, I said we were going to scratch the load, he said no if everything else was OK with the rig. He jumped it like that, no big deal to me either I thought it was a test, but it turns out it was not a test. He actually didn't perform a gear check on the rig before putting it on. Nothing eventful happened on the jump, except for the fact that I learned even evaluators with thousands of jumps make mistakes. " do as I say, not as I do"
  13. Agreed. Got my Tandem with Bram, excellent teacher, going to look him up when ready for AFF.