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  1. Your kidding, right? Bill has all the power he will EVER need as a greenie
  2. Maybe cause I have to work for a living? Are you there?
  3. It's killing me Have fun on JFTC, look up Kelly Middleton, she new but LOT's of fun. (especially in the bar) Have fun be safe fr
  4. Man, five years I haven't missed POP's (yep 45) I've always had fun it's a great event!! Any news on how the jumps are going? My guess they break the record first jump Saturday morning
  5. Kallend that seems terribly unfair. She beat cancer and still has to date you....oh life isn't fair. My calendar sits in my study, were my three daughters look at it from time to time. Other than Arlo my wife didn't even raise and eye. The kids just think it's neat that I know most of these women.
  6. Didn't the USPA come out with some idea of keeping up with state records?
  7. Art, Art, Art...........what a great way to ruin a good sport. My favorite joke: How to make a small fortune... Start with a large one and open (buy) a dz! Good luck though, with the right staff and planes you'll do great. Hope to see you at the hog flop.
  8. So just a bump.....any news out there. With JFTC, 100 ways, Kaleidscope.....you got to wonder when they have time to work on WT - and there day job
  9. Okay I'm going to try one more time................ IS THERE A NEW DZO at Palatka? I really liked Winnie (sp even if I can't spell her name) and have always had a good time at the Hog Flop
  10. Hey Jim, I heard it was you stowing your boodies (sp) in Dallas....we have sent the video to NASA via Kevin Keenan and as soon as the tape comes back we are going to offer it to the highest bidder. (Fred maybe)
  11. So YOU think that being on the outer ring doing the above is EAISER than doing the same thing with a row of people BEHIND you??
  12. Not to take ANYTHING away from you skinny late divers, but being a fat ol boy, I've spent most my big way time as a mid to early diver. The few times I've been way outside (POP's two years ago I was an anchor on the last wacker) I found the slot to be fairly easy. In basic you are sitting close to your slot waiting for the formation to come together. If your a big person your paying close attention to the fall rate. It for the most part is a very safe slot. You leave early, and track far. Clear air on opening. You also get to whine about "I didn't get to touch anyone" Mid divers have lot's of traffic all around them, and need to get in as fast as possible - but smoothly so that the formation has building time. Not to mention that if everyone gets out of the plane on time, and the plane formation is good the dives (length) aren't all that impressive anyway. Over all, I believe the real ego slots are the mid diver and the later slots are much, much easier.