Canopy deployment procedures

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Relating to the canopy checks, do people really go through the same standard one that they did as a student? I'm not knocking it, but doesn't looking up and past your slider as you stow it pretty much tell you that the canopy is good to go. I would assume someone with a good number of jumps would easily notice a rip/tear/broken line/whatever that would lead to an unflyable parachute. Even if there was something off with it, and you missed it, wouldn't you immediately notice it when you starting using the toggles? Am I missing something here? I don't think I've seen anyone, besides those you are practicing/getting numbers for swooping, flare their canopies at any time other than landing.

I do. Not as much as I was told as a student. Usually do a quick input on the right and left toggle if traffic is clear, and then a quick flare.

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Slow from track, look around, wave off and lock onto spot on the horizon.
Keep looking at spot on horizon, feeling the opening.
Look up, usually to see slider coming down.
Look around, evaluate traffic.
Riser towards holding area.
Rip slider off, stuff in pants, gain large package.
Release breaks, if everything is good, releases chest strap.
Get in deep brakes, evaluate traffic, take a moment and breathe.
Let it rip.
Not faceplant on landing.
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Had to check a couple of vids.... but here goes:

Check alti as I throw PC.
Feel canopy opening, steering by leg to which ever way it is opening, or not opening.
I have the rears in my hands before slider is fully down (riser slap=yes, but saved my ass a few times)
Check traffic, and below me (Jumpers and LZ)
Check alti again (gives opening distance and where I am from a hard deck)
Collapse slider, open Visor, Cam off (First canopy check)
Check handles and cutaway cables on 3rings - This something that I tought myself after seeing a vid of someone where the cutaway got bumped in the air, and flew till landing with only a millimeter of cutaway cable holding the risers.
Check toggles, take toggles.

I do not undo/lengthen my chest strap, nor my leg straps. I do the old school cross the legs in the harness, and I do not swoop.

Hope you got what you wanted.
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To the OP.

Wow! There has been some good information here for you to sort through.

My tidbit is something I carried forward to skydiving from Army Jump School.

It's a 4 - one thousand count that starts when you release your pilot chute. I repeat it until my main fully opens or I reach cutaway altitude.

Altitude is checked at 'four-one thousand' on each cycle.

I'm back in the USA!!

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Rip slider off, stuff in pants, gain large package.

For me, this is the take-home message from this thread!
"The ground does not care who you are. It will always be tougher than the human behind the controls."

~ CanuckInUSA

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