Most effective way to make 200-300 jumps in short time

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I thought most alll of the NOVAs got tossed into BONFIRES....at some point or another, anyway !! How can ANY of them still be available for SALE???

They are still out there.... I know someone with two sitting on a shelf.


What's wrong with wanting to make a couple of hundred jumps in a short time period?/ Isn't That just what dedicated teams try to do???Isn't that just what we would ALL like to do ??? i KNOW i would...

Nothing. And I never said anything about that being bad.
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I think this could fall under several categories so apologies if this thread is in the wrong place.

I'd like to make 200-300 jumps over the winter in less than a one month period to focus on canopy skills and work towards a tandem rating. I'm wondering where and how is the most effective way to do that?

Do I go out to Lodi and pre-purchase bulk tickets?

Z hills?

Should I have two rigs and a packer?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Great just what we need, another tandem instructor with an instant gratification problem.:S

Edit - I guess I should retract my comments after reading Jimmy's post which provided more context.

That being said I really dislike posts that have the flavor of the quickest way to meet a rating requirement. The right question is what are the best ways to meet that requirement.

The requirements are bare bones already!

Perfect example time in sport, three years should be 36 active months of currency.

To many use a tandem to start the clock, even if there was a long break before they really started jumping.

I have also seen a concept of touching 3 years, start in DEC year 1, claim Jan year 3 equals 3 years!! No that is 14 months!
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