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1 hour ago, BMAC615 said:

Hi 615,

I do have to disagree with this from your link:  Until the “invention” of the skydiving boogie in the 1970s, skydivers only really got together in multi-dropzone-community  groups to participate in USPA-officiated competitions. Specifically – at regional and national jump meet

Here in the PacificNW, we had competitions that were NOT PCA/USPA sanctioned events.  They were put on by any local DZ.  They were held almost every other weekend from early Spring until in the Fall.  Actually, the first one of each year was the competition in Snohomish, WA in Feb each yr.  Sometimes that one would get weathered-out.  

When the square canopy became the game-changer in accuracy is when the Boogie's began.

Those competitions were a lot of fun,

Jerry Baumchen


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1 hour ago, wmw999 said:

The Lost Prairie event has been going on since 1967; does anyone know what it as called when it first started?

Wendy P.

Hi Wendy,

In '67 it was probably an accuracy competition without a 'name.'

While I did compete over in Boise a number of times, I never went into Montana.

Jerry Baumchen

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