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Dave passed away this morning after falling off a roof or a balcony. If you ever saw him land at Brownfield or Otay, you would swear he was going to die right there and then. Of all the crazy things to kill a guy. RIP bro, you will be missed - not for your humor, but you will be missed.

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Wavy Davy were the only man I've ever met that could do a full backbend, in gear.

Let's not forget on takeoff "and now for my favorite part, NO REFUNDS"

My avatar pic on here was taken by him on my 100th jump. You filmed my Mom's tandem in Monterey as a favor for me. You were always there when I need a friend, a drinking buddy or a shoulder. You taught my dog to lie down with a snap of the fingers. You took me under your wing my first trip down to Brown to AFF with Denny. I was always enthralled with your "220" swoops. Of course you died helping someone else, because as crazy as you are, you are also selfless.

Dammit Dave! Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I will dig up some pics to post later.

Is a chicken omelette redundant?

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From day one I knew I was going to like Dave...one Smart-Ass to another. ;) He was my videot on my first jump....

From the bullshit stories of helping build the Empire State building to serving in WWI, Dave was always good for a lengthy tale that was neither interesting nor believable. Yet, he was always the first one to reach out and greet you when you showed up at the DZ.

I sure as hell will miss him....B|

When we meet again, please remind not to strike up a conversation if you've been drinking. :P

BTW - You can have my LAST smoke...I have more in the car!

Blue Skies Dave.
Anvil Brother #69

Sidelined with a 5mm C5-C6 herniated disk...
Back2Back slammers and 40yr old fat guys don't mix!

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