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  1. Did you ever get a response to this post? Jeff Barbani is still playing music around town (San Diego). He doesn't jump much these days.
  2. "Don't touch my sack. If you touch my sack, I'll punch you in the face" - Sean Carey
  3. Nice memorial and wonderful send-off. The air was fairly still and the puff of ash lasted for a good few minutes afterwards. Thanks to Martin and James for organizing the memorial and ash dive. Thanks to Jan for the heads-up about the event. Martin Reeder Blue Skies.
  4. Since I last saw Rick and Pati, I didn't realize what they were up to. Apparently, Rick was quite the Llama lama too. Jack of all trades.
  5. Rick Horn, long time instructor, pilot and damn good guy, passed away yesterday from cancer. Hadn't seen him in too many years, as is usual for most of the people we read about these days. Rick, and his wife Patty, gave me my first DZ job in the 90's and taught me a lot from my first AFF jump through to my AFF Instructor Course. I have learned and experienced so much since, both on and off the DZ, thanks to skydiving. I owe Rick (and Patty) all that and more. It is truly sad to lose a friend, a mentor, and one who gave so much to the sport. Blue Skies brother.
  6. No, Jo-Jo (I spelled it wrong), the crazy German from Otay...
  7. Sweet send off yesterday. Had close to 100 people in a BFR in the middle of the DZ to watch Chris float off into the bright blue sky. So long friend. Thanks to Skydive San Diego for hosting the memorial and to Yo-yo for organizing the fitting tribute.
  8. Here is another nice picture from FB. Nice send off. Pat was lucky to have so many who loved him.
  9. Dave passed away this morning after falling off a roof or a balcony. If you ever saw him land at Brownfield or Otay, you would swear he was going to die right there and then. Of all the crazy things to kill a guy. RIP bro, you will be missed - not for your humor, but you will be missed.
  10. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=search_results&search_forum=all&search_string=Adrian%20Nicholas&sb=score&mh=25
  11. I had the pleasure of doing several demo jumps with Harry into the Riverside Air Show over recent years. He is a hell of a guy; patient, knowledgeable, a raconteur... I read the Blue Skies forum every Monday morning hoping there is no one I know. This sucks. Sorry for all the family, friends and acquaintances out there, Particularly sorry for those who didn't have a chance to meet him. He was pretty darn cool. Blue Skies
  12. Jedi 120. Slammed the hell out of me even on hop n' pops, and it had a pocket on it! It may well have been a one-off situation as far as Jedis go but I never jumped one again.
  13. That's some funny stuff. That picture is of me trying to swoop Otay Lake (San Diego) in 1996 or so. As you can see, I was in pretty deep brakes. I made it but thumped into the bank a bit. Still, the picture made it into Parachutiust anyway. Keith Peverly, the guy who took the picture was in a wetsuit and in the lake. Kind of a cool angle. Nice edit! P.S. no mal by the way