Is Para Flite canopies support exist today&

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I have some questions about Para Flite canopies, and I'd like to contact somebody who can give me an answers about service life period of those. But it looks like Para Flite doesn't exist anymore as a separate company, but just a part of Airborne Group. I have tried to call them (the phone number listed is a same as Para Flite number, but they just switch you to voice mail each time and never call back).

Does anybody knows by any chance who I can call or contact otherwise in order to get this info? Will really appreciate any help


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Please complete your profile.

The last time I bought a line kit from Para-Flite/Airborne Systems was six or seven years ago.
If you have general questions about repairing Para-Flite canopies, many older Master Riggers - like me can answer them.
I do not remember Para-Flite publishing any shelf lives or service lives for their products, however, remember that they were made before ZP fabric became widely used and few Para-Flite canopies were designed to be loaded more than one pound per square foot. No-one expects Para-Flite's F-111 canopies to last more than 600 ... maybe 800 ... jumps.

I have plenty of line trim charts for Para-Flite canopies.
If you want to re-line old Para-Flite canopies, ask Mel Lancaster or Pete Swan.

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If its a 5 cell swift cut.the.lines.off. good in the day but five.levels of safety and.performance better now.


Even a 7-cell Swift Plus has brake lines that are easier to stow.

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Hi Terry,



Have you ever jumped one?

I have jumped both 5-cell & 7-cell Swifts under emergency conditions. Both flew & landed just fine.

I understand that both are of the same airfoil and almost perfectly the same planform, i.e., size. The only difference being 5 vs 7 cells.

As they say, 'Don't knock until you've tried it.'



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But should your last chance to live be an antique?:)

I tried to land a 5 cell swift but the tree.got.in the way before it.was fully open.:S I have at least one, I think two.5 cell.swifts.downstairs to baffle rigger candidates.:P
I'm old for my age.
Terry Urban

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