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  1. I come from a military background and currently work for the military as a parachute rigger, but am familiar with a wide variety of sport rigs. I usually practice this mantra…what does the manual say? Try some of these Vector III packing tips pulled from UPTs site: http://www.unitedparachutetechnologies.com/PDF/Support/Rigging/main%20packing%20tips.pdf
  2. leon.hill

    Singer 143W2 Camatron conversion

    Sew a sample with it, see what it does and then see what the adjustment does. Camatron does specialty conversions for a production type environment. It may do a zig zag on part of the cam, then a straight stich, then zig zag, repeating over and over for what ever application it was intended for...Just go for it and tell us what it does.