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  1. I was on this load, not in the group group though. ...go Halloween Boogie! Be Happy!
  2. Interestingly enough I kind of agree with Chris D. It's a complete waste of money to buy a rig. Your going to downsize out of it pretty fast and want something new. Also it has to include all of the AFF stuff/safety requirements (not 100 percent sure what they all are, I did IAD.) That being said, if you're super rich and you feel like blowing money and want your own stuff, then buy it, as long as your instructors okay it. Chris D is right. If you take money out of the argument, then why not have your own stuff. You can just keep buying more stuff when you need it, because you are infinitely wealthy. Be Happy!
  3. I had a PC in tow 2 months ago. I cutaway and pulled my reserve. In my video if you pause it you can see the pilot chute and bridal shooting up as my reserve is coming out. The pressure on the main closing pin from either cutting away or pulling the reserve caused the pilot chute to pull out my main as the reserve was opening. I guess I'm pretty lucky everything missed each other and I had an nice reserve ride. The cause of my PC in tow was a packing error on my part. I now pack the PC the Germain way. When I pulled my PC it wrapped around my hackey choking off some of the pc's drag, so it didn't have enough force to pull the pin out. It needed less force after cutting away/pulling reserve and released. I found the canopy in the bag the next day in 7 ft corn stalks. The first day we looked for 2 hours before night came. I actually believe there's a chance had I not cutaway I would have had two canopies out, if the main would have released. But who knows! Be Happy!
  4. Hi, I just got new upt risers and the louie loop is on the front part (outside) of the front riser. It makes it awkward to grab it to dive the canopy. Is this correct? My old risers the dive loops were on the inside (closer to me) of the front riser. Thanks. Be Happy!
  5. I'm gonna pay extra special attention to the slider from now on...I really wasn't before once I quartered it out and the first time. Be Happy!
  6. and i'll try to make sure slider stays on stops next pack..thanks eveyone for help Be Happy!
  7. when i propack i stuff the nose inward before laying down the canopy(these openings are splendid!)...would this be okay with psycho pack Be Happy!
  8. Quote "I need also to hear that someone else has propacked, and the results please? a packer before I comment...." When it's propacked it opens slow, smooth, and on heading! Be Happy!
  9. Thanks for fast replies. I propack generally. This canopy is new with 10 jumps and its super slippery. My eagerness to get on every jump I can (Cessna 206 DZ!) is the reason I psycho pack this canopy, so I can get it packed quickly and get on the next plane. I love jumping! I will try rolling the cells toward the center on the next jump and we'll see what happens! If I can get someone to video the pack I will.Quote Be Happy!
  10. Hi, I just got a new safire 2 145, and although I can propack zero-p canopies with 100 plus jumps I have extreme difficulty with new canopies. So, I have been psycho packing it to get it in the bag. My openings have been pretty hard to instant. I may have been stowing with too short of stows and getting line dump, but I stowed the same way when I propacked my Safire 2 169 (100 jumps on canopy) and had super slow, super comfy 700-900 feet openings. Here's my psycho pack procedure and maybe if someone could please tell me if I'm doing something incorrectly I'd really appreciate it. No one psycho packs at my DZ, and I only do it to get it in the bag. First I set my brakes, then separate my lines and walk to the canopy. Fluff it out and count 9 end cells. I then put the nose between my legs and flake it out separating the line sets towards the middle. I do everything like a propack up to this point. I don't stuff the nose in. I grab the tail and pull it up and pull the parachute around to the nose wrapping it up like a pro pack. I then flip it as I'm putting it on the ground. I open up the cocooned parachute and find the end cells. I roll up the 4 left cells and four right cells, both sets towards the outside of the canopy. I leave the center cell untouched. I go around to the top of the pack job and grab the canopy and manipulate the skin in such a way to make the triangular shape in the psycho pack (not sure how to word that, but I assume if you psycho pack you know what I'm talking about). I then get the air out of it. I fold it into thirds longways and roll the canopy up. I put it in the bag, stow the first stow, and flip the bag back over. I then stow the rest like a propack and put it in the container the same way, with the line stows facing the bottom of the container. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to be thorough. Thanks for any help! Be Happy!
  11. Where I received my A license. It is a very welcome setting and friendly to all jumpers. Excellent times after the jumping is done!
  12. I've never tried Neumann's, but I really like Akando skydiving gloves. I have the wind blockers. They have good grip and work really well for winter! I also have a pair of receivers gloves that have insane grip. The first time I jumped with them, I thought when I went to pull my hackey was going to stick to my hand! I really don't understand how a receiver ever drops a ball with these gloves! Also when I was a student I slipped off doing IADs too. The instructor told me all I needed was fingertip strength to hold on. I'm not sure who he thought I was...Rambo apparently! But, another student told me to wrap more of my hand around the strut, and that worked wonders. Never another slip! A random piece of advice is go do 15 minutes in the tunnel before you start your freefall progression. This may save you more money than the tunnel costs. I sucked so bad and was pancaking horribly in freefall. I wasted probably 10-15 jumps in a row at 80 bucks a pop and didn't progress at all from my crummy pancake. First jump after the tunnel I did my check dive!!! Be Happy!
  13. I love skydiving so much, I think it causes depression. My DZ is a weekend DZ, so I can only jump on the weekends, unless I travel somewhere. I spend all week wishing I was jumping. I think the high degree of happiness that skydiving brings me makes everything else feel less awesome relatively speaking. If I had a DZ that was everyday, I would build my house right next to the runway! I hope the bonds you make skydiving and the fun of trying to learn and progress through the sport helps cure your depression. Between the wind tunnel and skydiving, I have found my true love: Skydiving!!! And when true love isn't around, (rain, high winds, weekday, plane breaks) I'm sad :(. Sorry if I rambled lol. ADHDish!!!Quote Be Happy!