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  1. Nope. The alternative RESERVE closing sequence is not in the manual.....
  2. Can someone please send me the document allowing a rigger to close the reserve contain of a Dolphin like a Javelin (side, side, PC, bottom, top). Thanks!!!!
  3. because they can get their lower control lines chacnged whenever they want. The use of 1/2 in tubular began w/ "hobby" accuracy jumpers looking to extend the life of their lower control lines...
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to attach hard toggles to the tubular webbing brake lines on my parafoil. Any suggestions? Also looking for some advice on how to stow the toggles. Edited to add. We are assuming that the toggles should be set at the black line across the brake lines. Thanks OK, havent seen this in a long time but here's what I remember: 1. 1/2 Tubular lasts longer than big dacron lines and runs the full length from the uppers to the toggles 2. Back then the guide rings were bigger (yours are too small...friction will hinder toggle input) 3. drill a bigger hole in the toggles 4. We usedto set them with a half hitch...back in the day Not sure if the S&A Team on the Golden Knights still uses this set up. Tim
  5. Your choice of "healthy" refuel should occur within 45 minutes of workout completion. Beer doesn't count as healthy.
  6. Most aerobic workouts (running, cycling, etc.) need a pre-fuel (1 bottle of a sports drink and 1 gel/bar) 1-2 hours prior. The "refuel" should occur within 45 minutes of completion. As as cyclist I prefer 2 scoops of Endurox R4 mixed with low fat chocolate milk in a small water bottle. Tim Tennant - D-12780 USA Cycling Certified Racer, Official, Coach
  7. I'm saddened beyond belief. Burt was an amazing team mate. Tim Tennant Raeford, NC
  8. OK, I guess I forgot to add that I use a POP for my deployment container comes open when I open it....
  9. 1,000 lb microline works great and lasts a LONG time. You may need a double know at the end so it doesn't pull through the washer. Tim
  10. Good points all but if your rig has a CYPRES, suggest you time it with your Battery/Maintenance schedule. Tim
  11. Sorry Mark! Guess I should have done more research before answering. I'll buy you a beer next time I'm in DeLand (Jan 09). Tim
  12. Thank you Ma'am but these are what's really on the drooling please
  13. Motorized and non-motorized Tim 8-way Rules!!
  14. You will need to reset a snap in the right / front of the helmet (it appears the hole is taped over) so the visor can be snapped in place (as to not fly up when in use). It will be fairly obvious when the new visor arrives. Tim