Books that have changed you and your perceptions

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What books have really helped you grow and why?

at the very top of my list of recommended reading for growth is a 3 part series called
"The Teachings of Don Juan" written by a reporter/author named Carlos Castaneda

can't IMAGINE being me without having read them.

Here is a very good online compilation of the several books which highlights some important parts.. doesn't begin to cover it though..

you might need to special order but they can be found anywhere.

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3 books that got me to start changing my thinking:

1: Stranger in a Strage Land--Heinlein
(Made me think about things in different ways)
2: Into the Wild--Krakauer
(Made me realise that you have to live the way you want to...anything less would be wrong)
3: Ultimate High--Goran Kropp
(Anything is possible if you want it enough and you try for it)

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