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I have different playlists for cardio and for lifting.

For lifting, the Punisher: War Zone soundtrack kicks ass! I also have a mix with Rage Against The Machine, and similar.

For running/cardio, NOTHING beats the Rocky IV soundtrack!
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i listen to a lot of rock and some other stuff. got about 100 songs on the ipod just for running and working out.
here are some of my favs

kickstart my heart- motley crew
survival of the sickest- saliva
get loose - benny benassi
hell yea- rev theory
runnin wild- airbourne
thunderstuck- ac dc
tweeter and the monkey man- headstones
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I listen to a lot of latin music/reggaeton

Daddy Yankee-Rompe
Daddy Yankee-Pose
Daddy Yankee-Gasolina

those are some good ones with good beats

Also: Get Buck in Here-DJ Felli feat AKON
Lil Wayne-Lollipop
Missy Elliot-For my people
ATB-Don't stop
Rhianna-Please Don't stop the music

There's a few for ya!

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Ditto on the Reggaeton, Latin music and Reggae in general. Some days good old fashioned rock and roll does the trick too. But I even surprise myself with how much I love Reggaeton, especially in the gym!

Really, I think anything with a beat that makes you want to move and music that makes you feel good in general works just fine.

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psy-trance: 90% of it is over 140 beats per minute, most songs are 8 to 10 minutes long so 3 or 4 songs = 30 min. of work out time. and there aren't cheesy vocals.

check out- space buddha, infected mushroom, goa gil, and dimension 5; for starters.

or that song from the Aqua Teen movie that went with the Insanoflex, that will get you ripped in no time.
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