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OK, it's my turn for a begging post... I volunteer at a homeless shelter here in Houston (Crossroads at Park Place) a couple of times a week. We provide food, clothing, showers, laundry, haircut, and access to computers -- for both the homeless and the poor (although you have to be actually homeless to get shower or laundry). Most of our folks are either actively looking for work type of homeless, or mentally ill enough that work is not really a great option. Since we have a comparatively mild climate in the winter, living under a bridge is not, in fact, impossible. We keep them off the streets for 2 days a week, and keep down the crime rate in some ways simply by making sure that folks have clothing and at least some food.

One of our suppliers is running a contest through Facebook, and I'd just love it if folks were to enter for us. It's not a vote-the-most type of contest, but I figure that the more entries, the more likely we are to be drawn. And we sure can use the benefit.

So: clicky, and you're entering for Crossroads at Park Place in Houston, TX. In the spirit of full disclosure, they'll ask for your name and email, so take that into account.

Wendy P.
There is nothing more dangerous than breaking a basic safety rule and getting away with it. It removes fear of the consequences and builds false confidence. (tbrown)

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~ did a good deed out on the left coast yesterday.

This 'hot babe I know' ran the Malibu Marathon Sunday, picture a boatload of rich healthy peeps running down PCH! B|

As in most marathons the runners discard layers of clothing as the race continures and it warms up...the race started at 7:30 am and it was 45 degrees.

Went tooling around the course yesterday and literally picked up hundreds of really nice sweatshirts, tee-shirts, running pants...

Took over a coin-wash for 3 hrs and then dropped everything off at a shelter. . . the person taking the stuff in for distribution was speechless.

Sometimes it doesn't really take a lotta effort to help someone out...hats off to ya Wendy!

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