Squirrel ATC

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The ATC is a mini rocket ship that can be tamed and is super fun on its back. I have about 20 jumps on one.

I have flown Squirrel's hatch, swift 1 and 2, funk 1 and 2, Freak 1 and 2, Aura 1, and 2, but not a 3 yet, C2, CRace and CRace+, and most recently the ATC.

I have also flown Redline, Tony, and Phoenix Fly. I will keep the post as to the ATC as that is what the original post was about.

The ATC preforms and flies much better then both my Funks. It can hang with the big boys and backflying and transitions are a breeeze. I would high recomond that someone considering one puts their time in a swift and funk before stepping up. It flies more like my FREAKs and I really like that yet I can shut it down and hang with intro students as well as smaller groups.

Backflying still forces you to fly in the proper orientation unlike the funk 1 that you could get away with bad habits this suit has more range but I found it easy to transition and feels more nimble then my freak.

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