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from PF site:
Lead time and Rush orders
The current lead time on a new Phoenix-Fly suit is around 16-18 weeks.
During less busy periods when lead time is around 6-8 weeks, Phoenix-Fly offers a rush order service for those in immediate need of a wingsuit. This cuts production in time by half. When lead time exceeds 6-8 weeks we are unable to offer a rush order service to ensure no further delay to other wingsuits in the production queue.

It would be good to know when is the less busy period. A friend of mine got his havok is just under 6 months. Great suit I hear, long waiting time I hear as well.

No hate, just fyi.

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Due to travels (Im currently in Australia coaching wingsuit flying) the website didn't reflect accurate lead times yet, but its now updated. 6 months is almost double from what the lead time has been last year,please send me a message at jarno@phoenix-fly.com so we can see where and by who/which dealer this order delay was caused.

Due to the volume of orders PF processes can sometimes lead to times of up to 3 / 4 months (similar to ordering a rig or other skydiving gear), in the winter period we strive to get this down to 6-8 weeks, but its always depending on the release of new suits/models which may affect the volume of orders and thus waiting time.
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