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Dropzone: Europe: France: Parachutisme 74

Parachutisme 74

Average Rating: 4.00
4.00 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews

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Lat: 46.193979
Lng: 6.269317

Aerodrome route de Thonon
Annemasse, 74 100

+(33) 04 50 92 06 50  (5933 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-10-28
Pilatus porter PC6

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

AFF: 1200 EUR
Tandem: 230 EUR
Video: 60 EUR
Jump Ticket: 23 EUR to 13124 ft


Située entre le lac Léman et les Alpes, elle offre un cadre idéal pour s'initier ou se perfectionner en chute.


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5 Reviews Written

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Tandem experience

Parachutisme 74 Rated 1 by: Jerome74 on 2018-05-11

Pros: Jerome
Cons: saut

First, it was very hard to book a date ...
So finally we managed to schedule the jump, and I was charged +40€ because of the writing condition ...
Really disappointed on the administration staff.
It's not over, please plan to paid your coffee...

Anyway, nice place, nice flying team, but please work on your extras ...

(Review ID:9488)

5 minutes from Geneva, view of Mont Blanc.

Parachutisme 74 Rated 5 by: Decodiver on 2008-11-05

Pros: Great people, safety first and foremost no Sky Gods!
Cons: Too near my house, 5 minutes from a DZ is like the pull of the Death Star

Firstly, this is my home DZ, so bear that in mind.
This is a great DZ, people are friendly, inclusive and the place is safety driven. All new arrivals get a DZ briefing and where necessary check outs are conducted, including qualifications, logbooks and equipment.

There are some hugely experienced people at this DZ but not an ego nor a Sky God in sight.
The DZ is tight, sandwiched between a Helicopter area and a tree-line but more than adequate for beginners and the more experienced jumper alike.
If you don’t speak French, don’t be put off, there is an excellent level of English spoken by the majority of the staff.

Once a year the DZ moves to Corsica in October, for a week, to Morocco in January for 2 weeks and to Megeve, at the foot of Mont-Blanc for a week in June and one in September.

Whether you’re local or not, interested in a Tandem, AFF or just getting Wingsuit, RW or Free Fly coaching you won’t be disappointed.
Plenty of rental gear available, one aircraft, a Pilatus Porter and great staff.
Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

(Review ID:4866)

Mt. Blanc AND Lake Geneva seen from freefall...

Parachutisme 74 Rated 4 by: rasmack on 2005-08-08

Pros: Very, very friendly people
Cons: Lunch break, many tandems during weekend

This is a dropzone that will take good care of you. When you arrive as a stranger you will be given a thorough briefing. Your gear and your papers will be inspected, and they will make d*mn certain you are as well prepared as possible, when you get on the plane.

As a newbie jumper I have always felt very well treated. One of the instructors even did a checkout dive with me to clear me for RW the second time I was there. The Porter is nice, but pretty stuffed with tandems on the weekend. The view from freefall is spectacular. Make sure your first jump leaves you time to enjoy the view of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) and Mt. Blanc.

The people are in general very friendly. It is not a problem finding someone to jump with. Just make sure to do a bit of work yourself. There's not much in the way of load organizing as this is a small DZ. Everyone is within shouting distance if you need a partner for a two-way.

A couple of notes:

- It is a quite small landing area, and there's a helicopter landing zone right next to it. Fly carefully.
- No high altitude hop 'n' pops. Geneva airport is very nearby.
- You can't buy food on the DZ, but there are supermarkets and fast food joints nearby.
- The beer rules are simple. If you feel you owe beer, you out it in the fridge. Any beer found in the fridge is always assumed to be free.

(Review ID:2483)

A beautiful french Dropzone

Parachutisme 74 Rated 5 by: vorteximpact on 2005-03-26

Pros: The view on the Alps, Mt-Blanc and lac Léman, awsome. A great team
Cons: Only 1 plane, a Pilatus porter PC6 9pers. time in between two jumps is somtimes long. No nearby campground

The greatest part with this place is the view on the french Alps with the Famous MT-Blanc. On the other side you can see the Jura mountains and right in between is Geneva with it's lac Léman right by the DropZone.
Denis, and Titou are just great, has well has the whole rest of the team. Titou,for those who know him, (he was my instructor when i started,i'm proud about it) left the center though this year to make his own in Challon.
The landing area is very small, and restricted compared to other skydive centers.
With only one plane, the time in between two jumps can sometimes be long, especially in full summer season.
There are no campgrounds nearby the center, but if you ask you should be able to find some reasonable cheap hotel.
Supermarkets and cafeteria are right close by if you want to eat.
Even though there are a few cons, the place is definitly worth it and a must if you are going through France.
Hope this answered you out a bit.
Have fun!

(Review ID:2174)

Incontournable !

Parachutisme 74 Rated 5 by: MontBlanc on 2004-01-26

Pros: Top team, top view !
Cons: no camping

Sauter entre le lac Léman et le Mont Blanc, avec Titou, Denis et Alain, une équipe au top niveau :o)

A ne pas rater : les semaines de saut sur Megève !

(Review ID:1324)