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  1. meistwer

    Hinton Skydiving Centre

    I've been in Hinton jumping a couple of weeks ago and as a Drop Zone is quite nice, big hangar and packing area, showers and a really cool PAC XL750 plane. It climbs quite quickly to 13500. The only thing I'm a bit concern is about how they treat students some of the so called 'experienced guys'. Some of them made students to feel a bit stupid for being a newbie and one particular guy shouted at a student right in front of my mates in his first jump. It was because he didn't see that the pilot chute was trailing behind him when he was walking back from the landing area, a quite awkward think to do somebody in his 1st jump. That put me off for a while and I did't go back there for about a year. Overall Hinton is a nice place, they have a shop with lots of new and 2nd hand stuff and the facilites are OK.
  2. meistwer

    Skydive Spain

    The DZ is great with loads of friendly staff ready to help you out. There's almost guaranteed a nice 'jumping wheater' and during this Xmas they have 2 dorniers and a Turbo F. so there are almost lifts going up all the time, every 10 minutes. People like Allan, Jono, Hanna, Alex, Andy, Jim, Robert and Becs(the very patient girl from the manifesto) are making that DZ very student friendly as well as for experienced as you can get all the coaching that you need. I've been there twice and I haven't been disappointed in any way, I'll be there again next January! Blue skies
  3. meistwer

    Army Parachute Association - Netheravon

    There are enough bad reviews for Nethers but unfortunately there is going to be another one. I went there just for the weekend to enjoy seeing a very good friend doing her first jump. The access it’s quite difficult and you can get lost quite easily if you don’t know the area. For a start, I have never been in DZ where there is so much favouritism, bad manifesto organising and attitude towards outsiders from both staff and locals. It’s a military DZ and many of its members are in the Army, if you show up knowing nobody there being a civilian just to get few jumps and check the vibe most likely you are going to find an atmosphere full bad energy. Some people there made me feel really uncomfortable and alien. Some of the guys in the military forget that they are the ones in the Army or whatever. The rest of the people can’t be treated in the same bossing way they talk to themselves…Some people where ordering me around! Besides the manifesto organising is the worst I have ever saw, waiting for 3 hours to get in a load is totally inconceivable and there are no excuses to such incompetence. It didn’t happen not only once but several times and to several people, there were some jokes around about manifesting that weekend for the next one. I have spent the whole weekend there manifesting from 9 am and only managed to get 6 jumps. It’s very unlikely I will ever go back to Nethers, I’m deeply disappointed with the staff, some of the locals and the DZ operation in general. If you like FS they have a very good load organising, that’s the only good thing I can point out really, the rest isn’t too good I'm afraid.
  4. meistwer

    Lille Bondues

    As I was going to spend three days in Lille I¡¦ve had the chance to visit the local DZ. The people and staff there were most friendly and helpful. Although, some guys didn¡¦t speak English and I don¡¦t speak any French they made the effort communicating with me the best they could when it should have been me trying to speak in French. They sorted out all the paperwork and kit inspection really quickly and got briefed about hazards, wind/landing directions, procedures, etc. In less than 30 minutes it was all done and I was getting ready to jump. The landing area is massive and mostly hazards-free although there is a nearby motorway and a river but nothing to worry about really unless there was a premature bail off due to a plane emergency or exceptional circumstances. You¡¦ll also find two hangars as packing areas, a decently sized one near the boarding area and a smaller one opposite to the manifesto. The planes I¡¦ve saw were both Pilatus Porters so in about 15-18 minutes you are at 14000 feet. They¡¦ve got a quite nice clubhouse with a bar¡Kdidn¡¦t have time for few beers after jumping ƒ¼ Perhaps the only problem is that the access is a bit tricky as there aren¡¦t any signs indicating the entrance from the motorway (look and follow for the sings to Boundes) so I found myself going around and around for a while trying to find it. It¡¦s right in the first roundabout you will find when you are heading toward Boundes after leaving the motorway. There are some signs in Boundes indicating the Aerodrome but you shouldn¡¦t follow them, they will take you to the another side of the DZ and there is no access from there to where you need to go if you are driving. You¡¦d have to either walk or go back to the main road and find the right entrance. The vibe there is really good, everybody smiled at me and asked me if I was having a good time, they were all very polite and nice. I¡¦ve liked the place quite a lot so as I only need to take the Ferry across the Channel to get there I¡¦ve decided to pay for the year membership (30 Euro) and pop up there often for short weekend breaks once a month or so. There is a bunkhouse and camping area so there aren¡¦t any accommodation problems although there are reasonably cheap hotels nearby.
  5. Hola, Empuria Brava seria quizas tu mejor opcion ya que es la zona de saltos mas busy de Europa. Castellon por lo que se es muchismo mas local y casi un club de amigos que saltan aunque hacen algunos cursos. Podrias probar y ver cual de las dos te viene mejor, aun asi en Empuria Brava como te dije entrenan los mejores equipos, freefliers y gente que compite de este lado del mundo por lo que atrae muchisima atencion. Paracidistas de toda Europa van alli a pasar peque#as vacaiones solo para saltar. Espero que te ayude. Roberto