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  1. And? it's a free world, stay home or attend the higher risk event... it's your call. Separate patterns and landing areas, for hi-po, regular straight in slow landings, students, and also one for the contracted military, all play in their own sandboxes, and you won't get the faster sand in your eyes. Boogies, and friends and gatherings rock, I love them... long live Boogies!
  2. It all depends on the shape of your head, I had a mindwarp, hated it, it was loud and hurt my head, got and optik, felt the same, the Gunner is great for my head, super comfortable and snug, If you plan on putting a camera on your head, and the gunner is your fit, check the Rawa helmets. they fit me as nice and sweet as a gunner... I want a helmet that fits like a dream, and that does not require some foam cooking. In my mind, there is nothing better than Rawa. I have a long head. who cares about carbon fiber, really it's over rated.
  3. Just landed on your thread, something tells me the f_cker must have heard about what a delightful being you can be when at your best. I was hoping some dude would show up with a grin at some DZ with the AZ Freeflight colors so I could serve Gorilla with the dentures on a silver platter, or even better take a few days off to come say hi-yawaii... Oh well.. I guess it's better for my Karma that you got your rig back. Good for you "Mr Hero" Miss you. (hiya to Jess) "The Dirty Mexican"
  4. Tom, right after I dropped my helmet under his weels... you can see he spared my camera.
  5. Sad news, Good old Tom, he was the only person i could count on when i needed a light, a great bar fly, The sound of his distinct cough was rivaled only by the rattely growel the junky old Ford he drove, pulling the tram back and forth.. one of these old folks, weathered and kind, even when he was a grump when we changed the TV channels he still was a cool man. Definitely a real part of the soul of Skydive AZ, I'll miss you. Be well up there. Cheers to you.
  6. Amazon Amir bbarnhouse benforde — chaoskitty CieloDiosa Clownburner downwind ebusto efs4ever Evelyn ffejdraga Fireflyr gasson guppie01 Icon134 incode jloirsdaan (me and the wife Smile) johnsw71 josheezammit judyj jumper03 Kid Icarus LouDiamond- Wingsuit LO/Seminar speaker matt1215 mcbeth MITCHYB monkycndo NWFlyer Pendragon - wingsuit and freefly, Popeyefireman QuickDraw Racer42 Remster- RW LO rocket rhanold SeaKev SOULSHINE Vallerina Vanillaskygirl vdschoor Added myself for now, I;ll be there at some point unless I find something better to do.
  7. benforde

    Tea Leaves

    looks real bad from here.
  8. DVDA @ Wiki thanks for the link, I am humbled, here I was thinking all that time that I had invented that one.
  9. QuoteHeres some footage from my upcoming 3rd installment of the Carnage series... nice. the skydiving movies is telling me it's am Xvid codec but downloads as a .avi on my machine is that the same thing?. Macs don't like .avi too much.
  10. I predict that long-term history will record him as the worst President since Ulysses Grant. I second that.
  11. Going tonight, I'm a total fan, The show was good in England, but watching some dude pie-ing redneck reactionay America sound like a great way to spend a Friday night, I can't wait. ... and I can't wait to see this thread moved to the speaker's corner cause some in here will get offended.
  12. what a great event, Arsenal stole the show at nationals. Was good to see you, thanks for everything.
  13. I'll be there tomorow. Gawd! Arsenal just planted a 14! Altinex a 9... they are now 1 point appart for round 6, the final one.
  14. I know but they took off to go on some hot date, plus I don't have leverage. I'll be there tonight, check the vids full screen. I'm catching a flight this evening. you going to be there this weekend?