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  1. For sure dude, I always try not to get over the limit but sometimes you go over and no realising about car doens't have any type of cruise control. I know I need to be very careful as I've always been and got caugth anyway as many people I know for sthe silliest of the reasons. Blue ones
  2. Hi dude.... Don't you remember anything at all? You told me to borrow it as I had an urgent appointment with my parole officer back in Canada No worries, most likely I'll be back by the end of the next month Blue ones
  3. Beer and free packing....and nice chicks of course. Blue ones
  4. I did it, I've argue it and argue it for ages but they kept telling the same thing, I broke the speed limit twice and they are two different offences in different parts of the road. They know what they do mate, they reallly do. Now I have 9 points in my licence, the 6 points I've told you before and another 3 from 2003 that luckily are expiring next September. Rigth now I am in a complete strees every time I drive my car as I know that just for being over the limit for 2 miles I will loose my licence.... Blue ones
  5. QuoteThree weeks ago my daughter's best friend was run over by a 65 year old driver as she walked over a pedestrian crossing on her way to school. He calmly went through the red light and run her over at at the posted speed limit of 30 miles an hour. The driver failed a sight test at the police station and is being charged with just careless driving!!! My daughter's friend was in a coma for a week and will receive treatment for the rest of her life. It boils down to this, it is easy to prove that someone is speeding, it is difficult to prove that someone wasn't being "careful" and so that's what the authorities concentrate on (and they can make a few quid as well). Quote Hi stallboy, I'm truly sorry for your daugther's friend, it's just such a tradegy that a young girl has to go trhough that and suffer the consecuences for the rest of her life. You are right about where the athorities concentre, where the know that they can make money. I actually think that they are pushing it to much and they are not that much concern about safety but about figures and revenue. Recently, I have paid £120 and lost 6 points in my licence for 2 speeding offences in the same road, 1 minute after each other and by two radar manned teams 100 meters away from each other. I was driving in a 30mph road at 34 and 36 for both offences. What does it look like to you? They were just make money, to catch the same drivers for the same offecence twice. The bloddy road was empty without any zebra crossings around in the middle of nowhere. Blue ones
  6. Hi Jakee, It's still their personal choice, there is nothing there to stop you but the regulations. Have you always been within the speed limit? Absolutely all the times?... BTW, I don't agree either with the 70mph limit, it's ridicoulus. Blue ones.
  7. Man, back home we said that you already got the NO for sure, why not try for the YES? Get you ass back there and look for her. Did she gave you any details of how you can find her? Palce of work or something like that? Wearing a wedding ring doesn't mean she's married and even if she is may be she is just about to get divorced or something like that. I'm divorced and kept wearing my ring for about two years after all happened. Blue ones
  8. QuoteDrive faster than someone on the inside and you'll get a £60 fine and 3 penalty points. I'd recommend you don't flash at people though. People get attacked for that sort of thing regularly. If I am doing the speed limit and some fucker flashes me because I'm holding them up it really fucks me off and I tend to hold them up even longer Quote Well, if he/she wants to go faster than the speed limit thats their personal choice, and people who's not overtaking shouldn't be in the fast lane. Some times the road is almost empty and there are always and amazing number of people driving in the fats lane, and the other 2 are empty, not even just 1 single car Everybody does that. I always try to follow the road regulations but I drive from Swindon to London and back about 5 times a week and it really pisses me off to see how some people makes the everyday's driving so difficult not to say dangerous. If people is in the way I always let them realise first but if I'm in a rush, that doesn't mean driving like a mad fucker but a bit faster, I really don't have the patient of taking it. As I said, it isn't an isolate case, it is a constant all the way to London and back. It's just annoying and bothers me so much. To be honest I'm a very polite driver, always giving way to other drivers, never try to jump into other lanes to go quicker making other drivers to brake suddenly, stoping at every single zebra crossing. All my mates love my driving because I'm quite safe but I don't hold the traffic. Blue ones
  9. Hi guys, I'm getting so frustrated about this that I need to post the thread to let some steam off. Here it goes. I've never seen just bad driving anywhere in the world as in Britain. I can't belive that I can actually drive faster most of the times if I'm in the slow lane than in the fast lane. 'Fast lane' is meant to be used to overtake other cars and then go back to the middle or slow lanes. People gets into the fast lane and they don't move from there although the the other lanes are empty. The fanny thing is that it isn't an isolated case, it happens all the time! So many drivers don't indicate at all and when they do they think it gives them the right to just go without thinking about other cars. Indicators are to make people aware of your intentions but doesn't give right of way over the other driver. If you flash your ligths to them in sign of disapproval they just tell you to fuck off and give a childish attitude. Honestly, sometimes I think I'm missing something in here, is there any difference with the Driving regulations in the UK to the rest of the world? Why people drive this bad over here? Blue ones
  10. I do watch italian footballl and I still think he's a animal. Period. Zidane is 34 years old palyer, with far more international and football experience than him. He probable had many more insults than Mazzerati as he has been playing professionally for about 16 years, and he was playing his last match in a World Cup final for his country. If he couldn't restrain himself from hitting him is most likely because the other one said somthing too nasty to be tolerated. I think is was premeditated to lead him to make a mistake, like he did, and get him out of the way when it was totally clear they match was going to end in penalties. Blue ones.
  11. Hi dude You haven't got the number of jumps that you have, that's the first thing. You only say that you've got A license which you get after the AFF and in that case you shouldn't think about going head down for a while until you learn sit fly and have good belly skills. Blue ones
  12. Hi dude, How's it going? I wont go this weekend either, Ive benn jumping in France. Less headache than jumping here. Over there is more fun, I don't have the problems that I have in the UK about FF or jumping with other people. I'm actually going back on the Friday 18th next month and coming back on Sunday 20th by Eurostar if you fancy coming, jumps are for about 15 quid. It'd be cool to go together. The NZ offer for 200 jumps seems really good, I've read it from the links that you've posted. I think I gonna save the money and go over there the next year for 2 months. Blue ones
  13. We are always gona flame you for your opinion...get out of this forums!!! Btw, nice web site for the Krew, well done. Blue ones