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  1. Hello everyone, I'm after some info WRT the DZ in Dubai, aircraft, opening times, staff, people etc. Any info at all will be great! Lee I havent come here to protect him from you........i'm here to protect you from HIM.....
  2. On the 1st of June 2008 I start my charity solo cycle ride from Liverpool to Barcelona. I would like nothing more than for you to sponsor me. Please take a look at my website for more information. Best regards. Lee Mcnamara I havent come here to protect him from you........i'm here to protect you from HIM.....
  3. Forget about jump numbers....start thinking ability..and currency... I've done about 100 or so jumps on an Access, in my opinion they are a fantastic beginer/intermediate wingsuit, they do outperform GTI's, are robust and are super safe.
  4. Hello, Whats the best way to fix my new Canon 350D to the top of my 2K Composites FF2? Any sugestions? lee
  5. Hi, I'm in Durban for a few days stopover, I haven't brought my rig with me. Any BASE jumpers or skydivers in the area fancy a beer give me an e-mail. [email protected] xx
  6. Habana Monecristo's are your best bet for smoking in freefall, particuarly No. 4's as they are easy to hold whilst wearing wearing gloves. I've tried cigarettes but they tend to break up......
  7. Having problems with the International Maritime Organisation at the mo, apparantly they have some "moral issues" with the project. It's not as if I'm treating the orphans unfairly now is it? They would'nt have a problem if I filled the boat up with big black gaylord amputees! My hopes of getting home for xmas are dwindling by the hour....Thanks for e-mailing me the photo of your girlfriend, I'm not into fat asian chicks myself but I'm sure she is a loverly person.......
  8. Here is a design of mine that should prove popular......
  9. It's cool now, not only am I the coolest bloke on the DZ but we are back together.......The secret is to grow your hair really long and have rediculously skinny arms....I also put on a french accent and wear one of babylon's old jumpsuits that I bought on e-bay......oh and I nearly forgot....only give the time of day to people who have over 2000 jumps. God I love freeflying!
  10. Unlucky Renier, the dates clash with the annual catalan midget throwing championship. last year Juan 'el gordo motocyclisto" Sol threw one 174 feet! A world record for the over 36 inches category! I also hear that to attract bigger crowds the organisers have booked an impressive array of celebrities such as Mark Hamill and George Peppard. And Pringles are sponsoring this years event! Check out for more info. I havent come here to protect him from you........i'm here to protect you from HIM.....
  11. talk about going off on a tangent.....You still havent answered my frigging question.....are they any good or not?
  12. I'm thinking of buying one of those Gilette waterproof electric razors.....does anyone know if they are they any good?
  13. there is a small hill oposite Corfe Castle in Dorset....if you are down south then it's worth a go.
  14. Is he OK?......he's on double rations and gets his pit cleaned out twice a day......bless him.