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  1. Littlelad

    I'm coming your way!

    So far I have on my list Easter boogie in Eloy, Cinco de Mayo in Vancouver, CarolinaFest and Boneanza
  2. Littlelad

    I'm coming your way!

    GDay, I am finally leaving Australian shores on a little adventure and hoped some of you might help me with some advice on which are the "must do" DZ's/Boogies in US? I intend to go to Lodi at the end of March with intention of jumping my ass off and continuing to learn. I can spend 6 months in the US this year, however I must leave and re-enter the country, so I am happy to look at boogies or locations in either Canada, South America or the Caribbean in between. Life will be tough, I know this, but I think I can handle the pressure. I'm thinking some kinda roadtrip in an RV as I would prefer not to fly too far in a plane I cant jump from! I am really looking forward to meeting many of you along the way and running hard! Littlelad
  3. Littlelad

    Is swooping pushing the envelope?

    I voted "pushing it", however I understand why people do it and one day I might want to push the envelope a bit further myself. As long as people are as "safe" as possible and mitigate the risks then fair enough
  4. Littlelad

    learning to freefly/backfly in tunnel

    I just did my first hour in the tunnel last week, 1/2 hour each day. On my first day all we did was back flying and I sucked at it, i felt like a squash ball bouncing off the walls, but on the second dayit just clicked and within the space of 20 minutes I had gone through back to sit transitions and sit-flying. Absolutely loved it, it's such a shame that we dont have a tunnel here.
  5. Littlelad

    Hinton Skydiving Centre

    I understand that Tandems are a great source of revenue, but to wait nearly 5 hours to get on a load as a solo fun jumper is a bit much, but this is what I experienced at Hinton two weeks ago. I can see why the wind tunnel is so popular at Milton Keynes and Bedford.
  6. Littlelad


    I see lots of reviews here for the older and superseded G2 yet none for the superb G3 helmet. I have put 50 jumps on mine through summer and now winter and I have to tell you, I love it. Well ventilated in summer, warm in winter (I don’t even take it off in the plane). I use a dytter in the internal pocket and I don’t even know it's there (until I hear it of course!). I have never had any issues with the visor fogging up and it is really easy to open under canopy once checks have been completed. I order mine from Cookie direct as they are about 50kms from my home, they delivered within a week as I told them I needed it to jump on the weekend. The only downside I can think of is that you can’t get a G3 in carbon fiber. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Cookie G3 to anyone looking for a full face helmet.
  7. Littlelad


    I ride a Diavel Carbon, best bike I have ever owned, though very impractical if you need to carry luggage (like a rig)