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Dropzone: Middle East: United Arab Emirates: Skydive Dubai Desert Campus

Skydive Dubai Desert Campus

Average Rating: 4.56
4.56 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews

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Dubai International Airport (DXB)
Lat: 24.9556024044091
Lng: 55.5073499679565

Near Margham (Exit is marked)
United Arab Emirates

+971501542992  (6126 Hits)

Last Updated: 2015-09-02
3 Twin Otters, 1 Caravan, and 1 Pilatus porter.

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Forbidden

USPA Membership: Required



Skydive Dubai Desert Campus is a fully operational drop zone that is open all year round for licensed skydivers of all jump levels, instructional rating courses, team training, rigging loft and a skydiving school. We are also the host drop zone for the Dubai International Swoop League. We also Flight-1 courses, balloon jumps in the cooler months, a monthly tracking skills camp and we have Flight School coaches to assist with those wanting more from their flying experience. Jump ticket prices & more are shared here Have questions? Kindly email Manifest directly at We look forward to saying hello to you at the drop zone.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bunkhouse
  • Showers

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2016-10-17 2016-10-17 XRW Camp

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Mid size DZ in the middle of the UAE desert near Dubai.

Skydive Dubai Desert Campus Rated 5 by: GrumpyM4 on 2015-10-16

Pros: Knowlegble staff. Very friendly. Good facilities.
Cons: It's still a hot assed desert (not a lot to look at, and sorta remote) with unpredictable wind which are factors outside

Great DZ. Very friendly staff, coaches, office personnel. I'm still working towards my A license and the staff jumped right in with a recurrency jump, let me go solo and then we started on coach jumping. Everybody was super helpful, friendly, VERY knowledgeable. I learned a great deal beyond my basic AFF class. Best part is that they teach because they CARE. I never got the feeling that they were putting up with me simply because they were being paid to.

Great vibe. Everyone was super friendly. Fun jumpers, teams, etc. The attitudes of the people I meet at any DZ make me really appreciate my new favorite sport. This DZ really helped drive this home. Everyone I met tried to help me in some form or fashion and helped keep me on the proper path. Sometimes breaking me of bad habits that I have learned elsewhere. I really appreciate that everyone stepped up to help instead of just letting me make dumb mistakes. :-)

Also, the staff comes from all around the world. They are very energetic, professional, calm, and care about safety first and foremost.

Side note: My Alti broke halfway down on my first jump (recurency jump), but due to the calmness of the instructor(Kevin) and good inflight communication, we completed all tasks for the jump, and he let me know when to pull. Landing without altitude awareness, or previous experience at the DZ proved "interesting". It's difficult to judge altitude for landing pattern with dunes below and no idea just how big the LZ really is. Also, the heat factors in greatly with descent rates (air density altitude) and landing flare altitude. Lessons learned (Turns out I don't slide very well in sand....ouch). Still kept jumping though.

I cannot recommend the Dubai desert campus enough. Was the best experience I've had in my short time jumping. Will be back as soon as I can!

(Review ID:8937)

well equipped DZ with friendly staff, but a slow pace

Skydive Dubai Desert Campus Rated 4 by: hjbuhrkall on 2015-02-12

Pros: Landing area, Facilities, Staff
Cons: Expensive rental gear, Slow pace, No beer!

First of all, the "Desert Campus" is a far more enjoyable DZ than "The Palm"... the vibe is way better here, and the staff is actually there for the normal skydivers, and not just Tandems.

prices of jump tickets are fair, but it is difficult to do many jumps a day, since the DZ closes at 3 in the afternoon... premanifistation is not allowed unless doing coaching, and you can easily get 1 hour calls between loads (so don' expect more than 5-7 jumps pr. day).

The staff is super friendly, and all who i've encountered there where always willing to help with load-organizing, coaching, or just chatting.

with a view on the lading area, the small cafe offers food and drinks all day, to reasonable prices.
A gear shop is also located on the DZ, but IMO the prices are too high ( i was downsizing to a 135" when i was there, and wanted to try one out for 10 jumps, and ended up paying 270$ for it!!)

all in all, Tte SD2 is a nice place to be... nice atmosphere and solid staff.

(finally just a quick note: Alcohol is normally not permitted in the UEA, so to get beer, you have to find one of the hotels that are licensed to serve beer... i can recommend "Premier Inn", on highway 66 towards Dubai)

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Highly recommended DZ

Skydive Dubai Desert Campus Rated 5 by: dirk72 on 2015-02-09

Pros: very professional, friendly staff and high standard
Cons: nothing

I was there one day in January 2015...unfortunatelly, only one day. I was really surprised from the professionalism there, somewhere in the desert.

When I was there, two Otters were flying round and climbing to 13.000 ft very fast. It's really a nice view over the desert, and, you can't miss the landing zone, almost impossible :-)

There are two packing areas, several video/team rooms, a shop and a nice bistro. I did 4 jumps there with a rented rig.

Getting there: I rented a car at the airport for 110 AED (Europcar), very cheap.

Sorry for my bad english...


(Review ID:8733)

Cool Place

Skydive Dubai Desert Campus Rated 5 by: DrRead on 2015-01-29

Pros: Good Aircraft, Tunnel on Site
Cons: A tad far from Canada

People were friendly, possible to get lots of loads in here. Good aircraft. Very professional. Good rental gear. Had a great time!
(Review ID:8725)

Great place to jump!

Skydive Dubai Desert Campus Rated 5 by: accur8shot on 2014-06-22

Pros: amazing facilities, clean, great rental gear, pro staff
Cons: long ride to get there and back

I loved this place. Great facilities, lots of pros on hand, very frequent turns of the aircraft, great rental gear, and beautiful desert scenery and cool place in general. Flight school in-house, gear store, and there's a wind tunnel on site!

The ONLY downside I can think of is that it's a bit far outside of Dubai - about 50 minutes, and I had written to them on FB to ask about transportation and didn't get a message back. I ended up hiring a taxi and paying him a bit to sit and wait for me for the 3 hours I was there. I paid a total of $90 for that, which is NOT bad considering what it would cost to do that elsewhere, but it was an added expense.

Otherwise, loved this place and can't wait to go back.

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