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  1. Has anyone used Chernis Collapsible Pilot Chutes? Ryan 242196
  2. Looking to buy a used bartacker for line set and misc minor rigging repairs.......any recommendations? Ryan 242196
  3. I am tired of corrupt files and camera turing off when filming tandems.....GOPRO........... Plan is to move to a more professional setup. I edit with Final Cut Pro and need to know from all the folks with the expertise on what is the best option. I hear a lot about Sony......also plan to put together a Cookie with cutaway system....... Any help would be great. Ryan Ryan 242196
  4. any chance there are photos of the connection to the rig and cutaway system? Ryan 242196
  5. doesn't the TSO override the UPT side?? Ryan 242196
  6. i took it out of the rig last night and left it on on the counter over night. still on this morning......... thanks 'parachutist', i will see what they say this week when i talk with them. Ryan 242196
  7. I have a question. I just bought a used Tandem rig and it came with a Vigil (S/N 9089). My wife and I both fly Vigils in our sport rigs too. The strangest thing happened today. I switched on the AAD prior to the 1st jump and Tandem was displayed on on the screen following a normal start up. While doing a gear check prior to the next jump, about 45 minutes after the last jump the screen was blank. Pushed the button and the green LED flashed and the LCD displayed 'Hello', then went blank again. If i pushed the button again it started the shutdown sequence. If i shutdown the unit and started it back up again all was good for the next jump........ Is there something wrong with my AAD? Ryan 242196
  8. Please use the classifieds. Advertising is against the Forum Rules. Thanks - slotperfect Ryan 242196
  9. i just redid both of mine with Cypres loop. figure trapped the entire length 3/4 and 1/4. 1/4 loop back figure trap on the end that says on and 3/4 the length one the loop end. curious how long they will last. Ryan 242196
  10. Skydive Dallas is a class DZ! I was welcomed as sky-family and felt at home right away. Lots of indoor room to pack, socialize, debrief, and prep for the next jump. 2 mock ups and easy to manifest. Will go back for sure!.
  11. Great new dropzone! Going through a few growing pains but they have the talent to make this a world class DZ. Very welcoming and work to make you feel at home.
  12. WOW!! I cannot say one bad thing about Elsinore. We were welcomed as sky-family and felt at home right away. Coaching is always available and from world class skydivers. Lots of room to pack, socialize, debrief, and prep for the next jump. 2 mock ups and easy to manifest. You have got to check this place out. Thank you Skydive Elsinore!
  13. This was my second DZ I ever visited and I have to tell you what a wake up call! I did not know that it could be this good. I was still pre 'A' license and the amount of help and coaching was AMAZING. I never had that much help at my home DZ by Vegas! I will be going back this year. Good times and fast ride to alt, 13,500 in 7 minutes! WORTH THE TRIP!
  14. Fun Jumper friendly and close to Vegas. The Caravan is there for about 6 months out of the year and you always get good alt to dance with the sky! Good vibe and the DZO still love the sport!
  15. SKYDIVE THE FARM ROCKS! Thank you for the warm welcome and extended skyfamily vibe! Ii felt at home and would love to visit more live on the west coast. If you EVER have the chance to go to THE FARM; go! You will love it!