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  1. mrfalconfixer

    Skydive Spaceland Dallas

    Skydive Dallas is a class DZ! I was welcomed as sky-family and felt at home right away. Lots of indoor room to pack, socialize, debrief, and prep for the next jump. 2 mock ups and easy to manifest. Will go back for sure!.
  2. mrfalconfixer

    Skydive Paso Robles

    Great new dropzone! Going through a few growing pains but they have the talent to make this a world class DZ. Very welcoming and work to make you feel at home.
  3. mrfalconfixer

    Skydive Elsinore

    WOW!! I cannot say one bad thing about Elsinore. We were welcomed as sky-family and felt at home right away. Coaching is always available and from world class skydivers. Lots of room to pack, socialize, debrief, and prep for the next jump. 2 mock ups and easy to manifest. You have got to check this place out. Thank you Skydive Elsinore!
  4. mrfalconfixer

    Wasted Talent Skydiving

    This DZ is just getting going and has some limited hours right now, but they are worth the wait! Every time I go out there the place gets better. The local jumpers are great and the DZO is very knowledgeable and make sure we are all safe and have a good time. For a truly good time, come on out!
  5. mrfalconfixer

    Skydive Utah

    This was my second DZ I ever visited and I have to tell you what a wake up call! I did not know that it could be this good. I was still pre 'A' license and the amount of help and coaching was AMAZING. I never had that much help at my home DZ by Vegas! I will be going back this year. Good times and fast ride to alt, 13,500 in 7 minutes! WORTH THE TRIP!
  6. mrfalconfixer

    Skydive Mesquite

    Fun Jumper friendly and close to Vegas. The Caravan is there for about 6 months out of the year and you always get good alt to dance with the sky! Good vibe and the DZO still love the sport!
  7. mrfalconfixer

    Skydive The Farm

    SKYDIVE THE FARM ROCKS! Thank you for the warm welcome and extended skyfamily vibe! Ii felt at home and would love to visit more live on the west coast. If you EVER have the chance to go to THE FARM; go! You will love it!
  8. mrfalconfixer

    Sin City Skydiving

    I started my Skydiving career at Sin City. When my wife and I showed up for the first jump class NO ONE was there. Contacted management to reschedule the jump class; once again no one was there. My wife and I gave them one more shot. We received an excellent first jump course with Jace. On my first jump my radio didn’t work. There was little or no coaching available and jumps 8-25 I felt very lost trying to progress through my A license card with next to no help. Fortunately as I progressed through AFF and on to my A license the instructors on staff and the few local fun jumpers were very friendly and willing to help when they could! I bought my own rig (using the advice of my instructor I bought a safe, conservatively wing-loaded rig) as I wanted to make sure the gear was a good fit for me and to get some consistency flying: the DZO called me stupid for doing so. After flying at many other DZs I realized just how disorganized and fun-jumper hostile Sin City really is. The DZO is unfriendly and unprofessional: at one point he blamed a group of Fun Jumpers for leaving behind a Tandem. He has yelled and cursed at staff and other jumpers (in front of customers no less). One week he told fun jumpers to move so the paying customers (tandems) could sit on the couches. The hostility between the owners of the two DZs that operate at Jean is also problematic. The facilities are very small and fun jumpers usually have to pack outside (which is fine unless it’s windy). It is a very small DZ and does not have the items found on; i.e., restaurant, bar, video room(s) and camping is not allowed. Jump tickets are $25 and if you get the 206 you will be lucky to get to 10’000AGL. They have a caravan now, but it is leaving soon. Last summer when it was only the 206 fun jumper slots were extremely difficult to come by. If you are coming to Vegas, I cannot recommend SIN CITY; take the time and drive elsewhere.
  9. mrfalconfixer

    Westside Skydivers

    They took my mother on a tandem and we got to ride along as fun jumpers! Great atmosphere and spectacular views! This is a great place to jump and this is only their first year. Can't wait to see how they grow in 5! Keep up the good work Joe!
  10. mrfalconfixer

    Skydive Hot Springs

    The crew bent over backwards to make us feel welcome. They are small outfit but LOVE the sport. Thanks for the hospitality.
  11. mrfalconfixer


    Where do I start……I finished my AFF in 6 jumps and after 3 coaching/fun jumps decided to take the plunge and purchase my first rig. I heard both sides for buying a rig this early. Wait until you know what you want………learn with your own gear……..on and on for both side of the argument! I am here to tell you, I am a believer in having your own gear when you are ready! I found a great used rig; Mirage G3 M7, Safire 229, PD 253, Vigil, etc., the money was right and after a thorough inspection from the master rigger, it was off to the drop zone. I was a bit nervous on the first jump being I had only been under 2 other canopies at this point (Manta 388 & Triathlon 220). After a nice freefall from 10,500, pulled @ 6000, and when I looked up there was beautiful yellow and purple canopy, control checks done and it was like we were old friends. To be honest the first landing I didn’t flare as far as I should have, but the next flights were stand up landings!!!! I was a bit nervous about the flare after reading the other reviews; but a nice staged flare is all it took to settle right in. I have a wing loading of 1.09 and it is great to be able to cover some ground once under canopy. I am also learning to pack and finding out what causes a solid and soft opening on my set up…….lots to learn still but the Safire performed as advertised. A+