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  1. I bought one from Hat Shoppe when I lived in SLC back in like '96 or so. Went to the guys house to pick it up, forget his name. Was a very well made hat.
  2. https://houston.skydivespaceland.com/learn-to-skydive/a-license-in-a-week/ Don't know if you have seen this. 18 jumps with an instructor, including video and gear, plus 5 solos including gear. That gets you to 23 jumps! (They are assuming you have done two tandems to get you to 25 for your A-License.) $2400.00 Plus free lodging in the bunkhouse depending upon availability.
  3. I think this thread should be killed. No one has posted female hooters here for ages. Every time I see a new notification I am suckered into clicking on it for some bullshit. Die thread, DIE!
  4. Sorry to hear it. I didn't know Steve well, but surely made a few jumps with him and remember him from around the Salt Lake DZ's. Watching the video you linked brought up some memories and a lot of familiar faces. Group photo from Janet Gayler's wake at Cedar Valley, John Cashman, Mike and Gayle Hurren. Plus a bunch that are still (thankfully) around.
  5. You know what happens at DZ parties. If you can't trust her to hang out at the DZ after hours either A: you are way too insecure to have a girlfriend at the dropzone, B: she is not that in to you and the relationship is going no where. C: The old saying is true. Don't take it personally. I have been in your position and know that it SUCKS. I swore that I was in love and blah, blah, blah. At some point I think I may have asked a DZO to ban a certain someone from the DZ for my mental health. My advice: If you have to worry, she is not the one. Like my dad said, "You will know when you find the right one." Wish I would have listened to that old guy more often.
  6. I can't get over how ugly they look with tricycle gear.
  7. I grew up on a DZ that was running a Beech D18S (N6BA) as it's primary jumpship in 1996. When it retired it was replaced by a nice supercharged Twin-Bo (not radial engines, but still loud, roudy, and occasionally prone to exciting moments.) We also had the Southern Cross DC-3 for a few seasons. At that time we were the underdog dz. All the cool kids flocked to the DZs with the King Air and the Caravan. We had a ton of fun though. Long story short, I find it funny to hear young skydivers talking about round engines being "cool" again. I find it even funnier when they pay to jump these as "specialty" aircraft. I ALWAYS thought they were cool. And I loved them.
  8. I got to see Willie and Merle perform at the Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels, TX a couple of years ago. Great outdoor venue in the Hill Country. So glad I got to see them both once.
  9. I like Cannibal! The Musical. Early Trey Parker and Matt Stone film about gold miners traveling from Utah to Colorado who get lost in the wilderness and resort to cannibalism. A joint venture with Troma Entertainment, so there are some really corny gore effects. And it's a musical to boot!
  10. All that trouble for Biden? That guy is worth keeping around for entertainment value alone.
  11. I always loved seeing people wearing those goggles. I would tell them they had sorz on their face.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLd22ha_-VU Not much of a Pearl Jam fan, but this one is my favorite of all the misheard lyrics.
  13. I also like the last one. I like the darker background, the addition of "Longmont, Colorado" and the smaller aircraft profile. IMO that looks more like a Beech 18 silhouette, but whatever.