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  1. cassella

    Skydive Utah

    I visited Skydive Utah on my quest to jump in all 50 States; after disappointing experiences in two other Utah operations, I hit the Mother Lode. Mike Chapman runs a professional operation that combines a well-run business with a collegial atmosphere. The vibe is open and friendly and the processes are efficient. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and my jump at Skydive Utah.
  2. cassella

    Sky Down Skydiving

    I visited SkyDown on my Quest to jump in all 50 States. I was able to make a jump within one hour of arriving so that I could get back on the road. Denise was a first-class expediter and she is genuinely involved in providing a great experience for transient jumpers. I appreciated everything about this operation.
  3. cassella

    I visited Ogden on my Quest to jump in all 50 States; my only request was to make a clear-and-pull jump. The manifestor's attitude to my request was negative--she told me that I would have to ask the pilot (!?) if I could make a low jump. She informed me that I would have to ride the aircraft to altitude and, maybe, I would be allowed to exit at a lower altitude. I've been skydiving for a long time in a lot of places and I've never heard such BS. I left Ogden without making a skydive.
  4. cassella

    Gateway Skydiving Center

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make a jump at Gateway due to my travel schedule. While I waited for an opportunity to get on a lift, I was able to observe the operation; every aspect was professional and efficient. Arnel and Zuko Smajic were gracious hosts who made me feel welcome. I'll be back...
  5. cassella

    Skydive Delmarva

    I drove from Harrisburg, PA to Laurel, DE to visit DELMARVA and driving there (and back) was the worst part of my day. Thankfully, the operation was staffed by friendly people and the other jumpers were equally friendly. I was there on a Thursday and there were not enough jumpers to put up more than a couple of loads.
  6. cassella

    Skydive Chicago

    Skydive Chicago is an impressive organization from the facilities to the staff and the aircraft. I stopped there on a weekday after a big weekend and the operation was functioning flawlessly. My observation was that most jumpers were part of established teams so it would behoove visiting jumpers to travel there in a group.
  7. cassella

    Skydive New Mexico

    When I arrived at the hangar carrying my equipment, I had to explain to the two members of the 'welcoming committee' that I wanted to make a skydive. They directed me back to the office -- located in the parking lot -- to complete their ten-page waiver. On the final page of the waiver, I was supposed to rewrite the last paragraph in my own handwriting (WTF?!). I left, never to return to that dismal operation.
  8. cassella

    Skydive Airtight

    The staff at Airtight impressed me with their friendliness and their attentiveness to accommodate my skydiving needs. The setting and facilities are first-class and they maintain a fleet of three 182s. I'll be back...
  9. cassella

    How Density Affects Your Destiny

    Good article -- Annette clearly explains the science in an understandable and useful way with relevant analogies.
  10. cassella

    10 Things To Note Regarding Malfunctions

    Hubris is a dangerous thing under most conditions; in skydiving it can be especially problematic—or, most accurately, fatal. Aviation accidents occur as a chain of mistakes that are often the result of pushing established limits with the attitude that "I'm bullet-proof." At least, that's been my failing...
  11. cassella

    Eagle 7-Cell

    After a 21-year hiatus from the sport, I was overwhelmed by the number and specifications of canopies on the market -- it wasn't as simple as selecting a color pattern any more. I wanted a canopy that would accommodate my (increased) age and weight; Johnny Higgins and Mark Jones of North American steered me to the Eagle 280 and I am entirely satisfied with this canopy.
  12. cassella

    Lincoln Sport Parachute Club

    The Lincoln SPC provides 21st century jumpers with an aspect to what the best club DZs looked like in the 1970s. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. For me, the pea gravel pit was a real plus!
  13. cassella

    Flying Tiger Sport Parachuting Center

    Flying Tigers is easy to get to and a welcoming DZ for transient jumpers like me. Within 30 minutes of getting there, my credentials were checked and we were climbing to exit altitude. Jim Burris runs a professional and friendly operation.